UIDAI orders three Muslim Aadhaar-holders in Hyderabad to prove their Indian citizenship

The three were served notices even though Aadhaar is granted based on residency, not citizenship.

Wow....Here comes the Surveillance State displaying its fangs! 👹

How multiple Twitter handles changed their religion overnight to support CAB

India's biggest religious conversion centre is run by BJP's IT cell head Amittu Malu 😝


For all meaningful discussions regarding NRC please follow @Vakeel_Sb he is currently tweeting on birdsite the best way forward.
He has extensive first hand experience from Assam and is associated with @sanjayuvacha
Let's organise the first response. Please boost.

The home minister of India has announced NRC all over India. This is a plan to make people stateless if they don’t have proper documentation. Only people born between 1950- 1987 are safest as per NRC rules. The government can declare you stateless & put you in detention centers, chain you to the bed (has happened) if you don’t have documents despite never having stepped out of India. They are not just coming for Indian muslims, they are coming for all of us . I have documents but many don’t

If you think you are helping & supporting the minority community by criticising the rightwing (rightfully ) & glossing over the wrongs of minority then wake up.. you are the real enablers of right-wing extremism by providing them with a genuine target to attack - Your hypocrisy.

I have not come across an analysis of authoritarian/totalitarian regimes from an information perspective.

It appears that regimes that damage/destroy/ignore their sensors and reject accurate feedback will bring about their own failure and collapse.

Blocking information flows destroys the self-correction mechanisms of complex systems.

Hello, i will be commenting and criticising your posts here. I did that on bird site on your article on ' azan over loudspeaker ' issue and i believe you blocked me for that. I thought i will inform you this.

TN leads in road accident drunk driving is d main reason. Yet TN gov keeps on expanding TASMAC near road sides inspite of protest from people.

You still asking? Isn't it clear my pref changed?
Why change? Well so many reasons. No point reiterating them here. You know all of them.

Yes many people changed their views. Again reasons are diverse.

By examples of villages I am not justifying their choice. I am just making a point that people have different reasons for voting. It is wrong for you and @Deepsealioness (going to run after this coz she will definitely kill me) to label them all as hate mongering sanghis.

People aren't always binary in any of their choices let alone political choices. They can be selfish, unaware, gullible, so many things.

Will i label a poor family from odisha stupid coz they kept voting for congress generation after generation yet didn't see themselves being lifted out of absolute poverty? No. I don't know shit about their thoughts before voting.

Thus, instead of labeling all voters, we should continuously educate them, make them aware.


Consider a village in Arunachal Pradesh which got connected to Delhi via railway for the first time or maybe got electricity for first time. A family from that village might vote for BJP.

Consider a farmer who might have killed himself if not for Narmada water reaching him. Will you explain the Narmada Bachao Andolan to him and label him a demon for displacing so many tribal villages coz of the dam?

I can give so many more examples. We shouldn't generalize.


So UP police will file FIRs for tweets but won’t solve the case of one of their own cops lynched by a mob and killed on duty? What They are doing is curbing freedom of expression on an already super biased platform

More than 260 renowned foreign and Indian authors have signed a letter addressed to PM Narendra Modi to review the decision to revoke journalist and writer Aatish Taseer’s OCIcard status.


Air pollution nanoparticles linked to brain cancer for first time.

Tiny particles produced by motor traffic can invade the brain and carry carcinogens.


It’s strange to have grown up listening to a narrative of Hinduism as some sort of open, non-rigid, fluid pantheistic religious belief system while seeing it also play out as quite the opposite. I remember hearing quite often ‘Hinduism isn’t a religion, it’s a way of life’ and other such spiritual pleasantries.


Hey there, I'm an aroace genderqueer person and an avid reader. I talk a lot about books, politics, culture, gender, mental health, and storytelling. I am a sensitivity reader, proofreader, editor, and behavior analyst. A boost would be appreciated. :)

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