For users running a fully #freesoftware distribution such as #debian , #trisquel or #pureos , would you still use your CURRENT distribution if it lacked certain #accessibility features?

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Choose your AgreeableLandscape post!

The top trending tag on this instance is now #foss

a grassroots watchdog network connecting the dots between business and government

Looks like mapping has long been yet another case of male-centric data bias. What gets mapped or tagged?

"Sports arenas? Lots of those. Strip clubs? Cities contain multitudes. Bars? More than one could possibly comprehend.

Meanwhile, childcare centers, health clinics, abortion clinics, and specialty clinics that deal with women’s health are vastly underrepresented. In 2011, the OSM community rejected an appeal to add the “childcare” tag at all." (it was added in 2013)

US capitalist hellscape, Vietnam 

chad Vietnam vs. virgin US #1308343 -
Vietnam: "Let's use our collective labor and resources to take care of all of us."
US: WhAt'S StOpPiNg YoU FrOm BuIldiNg YoUr OwN PoWeR GrId AnD wAtEr PiPeS, LoSeR!?!?!?

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US capitalist hellscape, Vietnam 

TFW no police to stop food being given away or shoot people or pour bleach on the food cause you don't live in a Western shithell.

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Covid, Climatepocalypse, Capitalism-- 

Covid hospital-stay bill: $70,000. Rent in an NY apodment shoe box next to meth lab: $2000. College costs: $3200 / mo. Electricity costs: $16,752 during accelerating climatepocalyptic weather. Living the American Dream: *priceless.
(*priceless = infinity dollars)

US capitalist hellscape 

$5000 energy bill in the middle of catastrophic continent-freeze. Capitalism workin' out great.

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To help support open/decentralized web, we've started a sub-lemmy for TILvids! If you're interested in getting daily updates, feel free to follow along

(page is mirrored for us by @person which is greatly-appreciated!)

#Lemmy @LemmyDev

Chemists developed two sustainable plastic alternatives to polyethylene, derived from plants, that can be recycled with a recovery rate of more than 96%, as low-waste, environmentally friendly replacements to conventional fossil fuel-based plastics.

Heute vor einem Jahr wurden 9 Menschen Opfer eines rassistischen Anschlags.
In einem Staat der wegschaut mit einer Polizei die nicht hilft.
#HanauWarKeinEinzelfall und rechter Terror ist kein Gerücht.

Kein Vergeben kein Vergessen!


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