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Just saying that I have never seen Westerners THIS riled up when the West did, well, anything really.

Where were the sanctions against the US for their atrocities in Afghanistan?

Why didn't PorhHub block US users when they assassinated an Iranian general?

Why didn't the US get kicked out of SWIFT when they invaded Iraq on false intel?

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This whole situation highlights how much anti-Russian racism there is in the West. People, including politicians and big name Western figures, are talking about expelling Russian students or putting Russian immigrants in concentration camps. Websites are blocking access by all Russian IP addresses and other companies are similarly denying service to Russians.

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"I support going green as long as it doesn't inconvenience me in any way." - Privileged people in developed countries

Because god forbid your paper straw falls apart before you've finished your drink.

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The West: Makes fun of socialist and communist countries for having massive shortages of essential resources and uses it as an anti-communist talking point.

Also the West: Sanctions those countries and are actually the ones causing the shortages.

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People who are against tend to know a lot about capitalism. People who are against usually know nothing about communism.

UK water companies are wasting three billion litres of water every day, due to leaking pipes.

Unfortunately, this is old news. It's was already highlighted in this article in 2019.

Yet, nothing has changed.

All they care about are profits and bonuses.

"the government would publish guidance to schools reminding them they have no legal obligation to address children by their preferred pronouns, names, or admit them to opposite sex toilets, sport teams, or dormitories"

This might not seem like much, but it also discriminates against people in poverty. Why? Because a lot of severely impoverished people (the homeless, refugees, many people in developing countries) have a smartphone but not a laptop, because it's easier to carry and is also a more versatile single device. There are many charities giving smartphones to impoverished people for this reason, because in this day and age you will not be able to get out of poverty without some sort of computing device.

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Screw you. If there's no actual technical reason you can't support my device, I don't want to hear your opinions on my device.

Congratulations to the trade unionists of Restaurant Workers United (RWU), who are in the process of unionizing Via 313, a local pizza joint in Austin. I believe RWU was formed near the start of COVID by DSA comrades with the help of EWOC (Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee). Nice to see progress being made.

#austin #atx #DSA #DemocraticSocialistsOfAmerica #socialism #communism #TradeUnionism #Union #Labor #uspol #EWOC

Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill’s at work in elementary school libraries. DeSantis is a totalitarian.

@mu reminder that in , the CPC has been working hard at starting conversations about + rights despite the current population and culture seeing it as taboo. But suuuure, they're the totalitarian ones, not the of Freedomland.

There have also been studies looking into building solar panels over the condenser units of air conditioners, shading them from the sun, which could also net you a small to moderate efficiency increase for your air conditioner just because the condenser coils are now a little cooler.

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Namely, it could break the feedback loop of the hotter and sunnier it is, the more people need AC, and the more the demand of the hydro power sources which could potentially also be reducing in capacity due to lack of water, which could collapse the electrical grid the same way it happened in Texas. Solar offsets this by generating more power when it's really sunny, which is coincidentally also when more air conditioning is needed for both comfort and safety, and help stabilise grid demands.

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Vancouver is also almost completely powered by hydroelectricity, which is good, but also means that a REALLY bad drought in the area could actually threaten its main electricity source, and result in a situation not unlike that Texas thing, but in the summer. Solar could be a really valuable alternate source for that, and also as an offset source to keep demand from the hydroelectric dams low in the summer.

Yet, a lot of people think solar would never be useful here just because it rains a lot

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For example: I live in , Canada, which is actually a really good case study of this. and its PNW neighbours like are famous for heavy rain almost nonstop in the autumn and winter, but are also prone to long stretches of continuous sun and drought in the summer, which are only getting worse with the . It's also pretty temperate in the winter, which results in a VERY stark increase in energy consumption in the summer.

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The notion that is pointless where it's not sunny year round is a fallacy. Besides the fact that silicon solar panels still generate electricity when it's overcast (this argument WAS a lot more valid when we only had thermal based solar electricity), even if it only worked for the summer, it's still substantial because electricity demands peak during the summer due to the need for air conditioning. If solar covered just the A/C power demands, it'd be worth it.

I hate the people who praise for being "so innovative in ". It's not. It's literally the digital version an ancient schoolyard game called Werewolf, Mafia, or The Hunt depending on where you grew up. It's not even the first commercialised adaptation of it, there have been card games assigning different roles for ages, and even other computer adaptations before it.

Anyway, that concludes this Gen Z kid's Boomer moment.

Plz celebrate with me 

:catjam: I JUST QUIT MY JOB :catjam:

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