Not sure about "Most visionary game on Steam", but UBI-controlled slums, sentient bots and transgenics, prison/military-industrial complex, co-option of mass-movements, consensus manufacturing - Neofeud's got those!

Let Them Eat celeb-discarded dumpster divings- wait, don't let them eat that either. Full stomachs make unmotivated Uber-serfs.

It's a cold day in hell. -2 Fahrenheit at the southern tip of it.

Texas Mayor: rub your eviction notice and covid-killed relatives together to unfreeze your water pipes. No handouts for y'all.

Day After Tomorrow prequel, 'Tomorrow' being made into an unfun, involuntary Live Action Roleplaying Game in the US.

US capitalist hellscape, Vietnam 

chad Vietnam vs. virgin US #1308343 -
Vietnam: "Let's use our collective labor and resources to take care of all of us."
US: WhAt'S StOpPiNg YoU FrOm BuIldiNg YoUr OwN PoWeR GrId AnD wAtEr PiPeS, LoSeR!?!?!?


US capitalist hellscape, Vietnam 

@silverspookgames He'll probably be the first to defend tax cuts for the rich, or bailouts.

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