FUCK me if RRR isn't the best movie in the 21st century so far. Just magnificent

Steam Deck get! Lovely screen, but the jury's still out on whether it's usable - feels a bit unwieldy

I'm offline for two days and *that's* when Steam decide to send through my Steam Deck purchase confirmation...

Just about managed to get in before it expired. Say goodbye to the

Have just discovered that the mister fpga doodad supports lightguns on CRT monitors. Can't decide whether that's going to save me a fortune in retro consoles or cost me a fortune in fpga kit...

Big comics day in the ahchay House. PDF of the Astro Nudes kickstarter in my inbox this morning and the excellent 2000AD regened takeover issue in the post this afternoon.

Star Trek:Picard spoilers 

Picard has been all over the place in season 2 (and season 1 wasn't exactly consistent), but this week's setup of a 'Littlest Borg' style spin off is genuinely exciting

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I've been threatening to make this since A. A. Milne's work entered the public domain earlier this year. Introducing "Leet Pooh"

Because I think it's hilarious, I've set up a redbubble shop so you can get this nonsense on anything you want.




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You can still get the amazing 40th birthday computer game bundle for 2 more days. It's raised nearly $5,000 for the charity Special Effect so far, which I say is absolutely amazing for a bunch of games for a 40 yr old computer! Great Speccy games in the bundle (also, one of mine in it called Chopper Defence) and it's for a good cause.



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My addition to #feditips
Be intentional and mindful with how you interact with Mastodon.
You're not getting any content pushed on you anymore. You get to choose your instance and all of the content you interact with. You're in control of populating your timeline. You have a chance to start fresh with a new platform that isn't making money off of your outrage and keeping you engaged on the site. It's much easier to make healthier choices about interactions.

Don't you just love it when things you don't remember ordering turn up?


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