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*Electoral Bonds Investigations Part 2: A House of Lies*

Modi govt lobbied secretly and mislead the Election Commissioners, hoping they would drop opposition to the bonds. When it failed, it lied to the Parliament. Caught doing so once, it lied again,… mstdn.social/@nit_set/10316237

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Madhav Godbole: Supreme Court decision leaves one with an impression that even if the majority community takes the law into its hands & destroys & damages a place of worship of any minority community, it can be rewarded, and the state can just wither away. indianexpress.com/article/opin

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Dr. ManMohan Singh's article on India Economy in The Hindu news paper. Kindly read 🙏🙏

The fountainhead of India’s economic malaise - The Hindu

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Let's pray to God he won't become disaster for justice system like his predecessor. 🙏

Justice Bobde takes oath as next CJI - Livemint.com
Justice Bobde takes oath as next CJI livemint.com/news/india/justic

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‘Whatever the Constitution may or may not provide, the welfare of the country will depend upon the way in which the country is administered. That will depend upon the men who administer it." -Dr Rajendra Prasad, Quoted by the SC

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MK Narayanan and I disagreed on almost everything related to Kashmir during the MMS years. And now I find it impossible to disagree with him; Narrowing options in Jammu and Kashmir thehindu.com/opinion/lead/narr

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The most generous of people is the one who gives to those from whom he has no hope of return.

Hazrat Imam Hussein


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is under enforced silence, information censoring at the Media centre and electricity blackout as we speak.

Think of patient care and access in case of emergency and chronic conditions.

Think of livelihood.

Think. Feel. Please.
Our silence legitimizes their misery.

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As a taxpayer I demand to know why the CM of Gujarat needs a plane costing 210crs when his st has the highest %age of malnourished children? Why is a statue costing 300+crs being built in UP which cannot afford oxygen cylinders for its dying babies?

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India’s journey towards centralisation

Federalism has been posited as antithetical to development. This bodes ill for democracy.

India is now firmly on the path to centralisation of power & inching toward transforming into a unitary, not federal state

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There is no single turning point.

Atrocities happen. Breakthroughs happen.

People give up. People rise.

Our actions matter. Our words matter.

Only when you accept defeat, does it become inevitable.

There was no pure yesterday, there is always a chance for a better tomorrow.

Fight. Survive. Be kind, to yourself and others.

And share some laughter among friends.

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The feeling of having been let down, the feeling that constitutional guarantees could be easily diluted, make for an angry and sullen people. 

It is the separatists who have won the current propaganda war in Kashmir. 

Modi-Shah masterstroke!


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for the lawyers on here: now that deities are legal entities, can they be named as co-conspirators the next time someone lynches a person in their name? asking for a friend

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“The Ayodhya verdict will of course be read in the political context alone. Once you read the judgment in the present context, you will know the Supreme Court has failed to uphold liberty. This would mean that the lesson emanating from all this (Ayodhya Judgment) is that the present Supreme Court is part of an illiberal state. This is a dangerous trend for democracy.” - Kaleeswaram Raj, Sr SC Lawyer.

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