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"Go ahead and throw stones" one policeman told "pro-CAA protesters" twitter.com/DevjyotGhoshal/sta

Indian RW is so sick that they will even support a convicted child molester if the victim is a Muslim. Get a life, perverts. It could have been your child.

A , a friend wants to start a / company in , India. Is it a good ????

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Thanks to some friends I have arranged to get printed masks of Nehru, Ambedkar, Bapu, Maulana Azad, Phule, Naidu. If you’re organising a protest against in Delhi and can use these masks please let me know, I’ll ensure they reach you.

Please retweet.

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Twitter has done to @imMAK02@twitter.com what it did to Sanjay Hegde - suspended Asif's account for an anti fascist video comparing Modi with Hitler. @TwitterIndia@twitter.com @Twitter@twitter.com - you can't recognise "hateful conduct" in genocidal tweets by Sanghis but treat any mention of Hitler as hateful?!

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Judge on Azad's bail: "What is wrong with dharna? What is wrong with protesting? It is one's constitutional right to protest."
Where is the violence? What is wrong with any of these posts? Who says you cannot protest? Have you read the Constitution?"

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@minicnair@twitter.com @SidrahDP@twitter.com @nehabhujang@twitter.com @FahadTISS@twitter.com @vivekisms@twitter.com @sushant_says@twitter.com @RishitaPanchal@twitter.com @AnubhutiMatta1@twitter.com @amitmehra@twitter.com @SonaliKokra@twitter.com @Ssaniya25@twitter.com @AuntyCow@twitter.com @tamashbeen_@twitter.com @VerySorrykar@twitter.com @VerySorrykar2@twitter.com @isaifpatel@twitter.com @hazratbilli@twitter.com @rupagulab@twitter.com @TheMynahBird@twitter.com Surprised no one has come up with the term 'NRCissist' for Gobhi जी yet. 😊

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Warning - *Graphic Images*

In Gujarat's Modasa,19-yr old Dalit girl was found hanging from a tree. She was missing since Jan 1

Police didn't register FIR saying 'girl was safe & married'

Only after the people protested, a FIR was registered

PM, is this is how you Beti Bachao?

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JNU VC @mamidala90@twitter.com retweeted a video originally posted by @PBNS_India@twitter.com, where in it is claimed that members of left parties assaulted ABVP cadre. As it turns out, the man in red jacket throwing punches is not only an ABVP member, but had been photographed with the VC himself!

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This was sent my a colleague from JNU. The circled man is a student and ABVP member. But why is he carrying a police issue lathi? Will @DelhiPolice@twitter.com clarify?

Protest notes: I've never seen so many flames of hope, tiny, large, flickering on and on, across this country.

But 2020 is going to be more challenging than many of us can imagine.

"Who are these people? Modi asked in a conspiratorial tone. Then, as if sharing a secret with them, he said: “It is these educated people, who live in cities, who speak English, these urban Naxals."


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always carried 2 sarees With her to school because Brahmins of Pune threw mud on her for “Polluting” their religion by teaching girls.

She & Fatima Shaikh didn’t stop the 1st ever girls’ school in India In 1848.

Indian women owe Savitribai a lot!

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If we tattoo 'Pakistan Haye Haye' on our arms, will the police stop torturing minority kids (in India)?

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Government sanctioned custodial rape of minors is happening in Uttar Pradesh and there are people who still support the BJP and RSS. How do you sleep at night?

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MATHS: Mental Attack To Healthy Students....😆
1st day 2020 school..

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Kermin lost her beloved husband last month leaving two small children. She stands outside Dr Hingorani's clinic in Bandra. Let's support her to earn and raise kids with dignity. 🙏

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Hello @CCPSMangaluru@twitter.com, three questions.
1) Since when did you start to send legal notices on Twitter?
2) would you send notices to all those on Twitter who tweeted how Mangalore police acted selectively?
3) Do you send notices only to those named Ahmed and Mohammad?

Good morning everyone...
In 2020
How is Shaheen baug...?

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Will there be a condemnation @IPS_Association@twitter.activitypub.actor? Not that it matters. But just for the record? twitter.com/ndtv/status/121077

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