Any oldies from twitter who knows me still here?

Watch "The Ayodhya Judgment is Going to Change India's Politics" on YouTube

Watch "अयोध्या फैसले पर कन्हैया का जवाब सुनकर भक्तो की जल जाएगी" on YouTube

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@Ajnabiever Translation of Statement from rss chief👇

Sure! We have trained "enough" of laymen,jounalists,lawyers,judges,
technocrats, business tycoons,doctors et all on how to fight on an erstwhile non existent matter. Now the onus for all future agitations is on you guys, all sanghis should work closely with closet sanghi liberals. Our extended arms like Hindu Maha Sabha, Bajrang Dal and VHP, Durga Vahini etc. will now be your guiding force and surely we all will encourage you from the back.

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Look at the power Sanghis have. I watched CNN & Al Jazeera tv today, both had a brief clip on the verdict. Either their Indian reporters are plain stupid or bloody devious (or the channels want ad revenue), because when a brief history to the verdict was given, they said a Hindu mob demolished the mosque (without mentioning that that mob now runs the country).

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He "stands vindicated" to be told by SC that the demolition was a violation of law, and "feels blessed" to have got away unpunished.


Stand vindicated, feel deeply blessed: Advani on SC verdict in Ayodhya case

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Ppl plz let me know how to share a tweet on mastodan. For sharing we get options like WhstsApp, Bluetooth etc. In that menu , option for Mastodon is not there. Is there a way to bring it there?

Clear difference between Twitter and Mastodon can be seen. Some tweets of mine similar to my toots here have resulted in trolls getting at my throat on twitter. No such thing could be seen here.

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Please make more temples and mosques. We are going to need places to beg when there will be no jobs.

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