I like the idea of self financed educational bodies. But then what is Govt collecting taxes for? For Ambani and Adani?

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So, our Judiciary knows where Ram was born.

But when?
Pre-Indus valley or post?

But, then, Treta yug was 12,96,000 human years, while Dwapar 864,00 & the ongoing Kaliyug 432,000.

So, at least a million years ago?
Or the revisionist claim of 5114/7000 BC made by some gurus?

Did Ramayana era people speak Sanskrit, or some other prior language?

How many centuries later did Valmiki write ?

If only 2-3000 years ago, what happens to the Dwapar-Treta-Kalyug math?

Thanks to mastodon, I developed some rigor in the recent days to write a longer post.

Please read and share my rant on the "real" reason of Modi's rise.

"There is literally no one else who talks about the lower-middle class. The Congress, for instance, is exclusively run by foreign educated elite who look at society through their windowpanes. They don’t have the humbleness of Nehru to first accept their privilege and then begin to reform"

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@ranjona @rupagulab Accidental Sequence of Events:
1.Gandhi was on his way to submit his for PM of India but accidentally went for prayers. 2.Godse was swimming in the Sabarmati and got carried by a strong Hindu current to the Ashram where he accidentally came across Gandhi saying prayers.
3. In the same prayer hall Indiana Jones was chasing the Monkey King when his loaded gun accidentally fell in Godse's hand. 2.Godse shouted "stop thief" and shot at the Monkey King and Gandhi said "hey Ram"

Brahmin lady now compares doctors gloves for sterile treatment with casteist rituals..... Fuck, i am living with stone age monkeys.

Do you consider yourself a ....

#JNUFeeHikeRemains #FeesMustFall #RollbackIsALie

Oh and painting slogans on walls isn't "vandalism" - it's reclaiming JNU's walls as publishers of the poor.
Gheraos aren't "violence" - when they're the only way to get Admin officials to speak to them

Happy 130th, Hind ke Jawahar. Good you're not here to see the mess we made

Are these people insane?

RT @ANI@twitter.com

Delhi: A 'Run for Children' was flagged off in the national capital earlier this morning.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ANI/status/1194821

I have been looking around the internet in search of the many things you all requested and I came across something called ‘glitch-soc’. This is a ‘modified’ version of #mastodon with all the main features plus some extra’s!

- 2 flavours(Mastodon default and Glitch-soc) with each 3 themes(dark,light,contrast)
- Bookmarks!
- Drawings
- Extra Local-only toots
- Plain/HTML/Markdown posts
- Loads of extra options!

Do you want this on mstdn.social?

More info: glitch-soc.github.io/docs/

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Budhha and me were together in india for two years. Most of the time he was meditating and i was enjoying hookah.

- Industrial production contracts 4.3% in September, lowest in 8 years.
- Livemint headline said, New Low for the economy.
- GDP may fall below 5% (Modi Govt may revise the calculation formula to fudge this)

Keep on Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Jai Shri Ram. Jawan fighting on border.

Covering Adani has become something of my beat, for over two years.

One major thread of this coverage has been of the scandal, in which Adani is one of the main players.

This thread is to cover everything that is so far publicly known about the scam which is worth up to Rs 29,000 crore by a conservative calculation.


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I've been a journalist for a little over two years now. Four months into my career, I experienced the delight of being sued for defamation by a corporate giant, disowned by my organisation, and eventually pushed out. I have been independent since then.

Thankfully, I was able to find a reasonable arrangement as a freelancer that has made it easier than it could have been.

The offending article can be read here



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