I see mainstream people trying to take over Cyberpunk with 1980's synth music and bisexual neon lights.

NO. NO. NO !!!

It's not pink and blue. It's red, with green on a black screen.

it's synthetic leather on your pants, Bluetooth integrated with your best,

It's a battery-pack implanted to your pants,

It's your Ford-car fitted with Toyota parts,

It's your ThinkPad T60 device on your backpack,
fitted with the T61 motherboard.

It's 28000k white-blue neons in your face permanently.

Hack the air flow system :

1.1 See how shitty and complicated Ford Cars are sooooooo annoying to Mod.

1Take it out.

2 cut the stupid Ford tubing off the intake.

3 Ducktape the Dumb-Fuck-Module back into place.

4 put the sensor back into place thinking already of another hack on the intake.

Cut the hood so the air enters right into the Air.Intake.

5. Feel like there's a little more reaction and response from the 2.0 Duratec engine they put onto it.


" The Glider " my 6th project-car

Follow me on the Community ;


Real on duty πŸ˜‰

Is it safe to put my face here ? ....

Because No matter where u go, everyone's connected... Said Master W.Gibson.

Any 1 from Montreal and around ? I'm curious about Mastodon's popularity around town :)

People are so scared to loose everything that when they do they become crazy.

People like me we just enjoy the ride as we adapt to survival and embrace it.

I live in a Car and I work in a Garage as Account manager πŸ€ŸπŸ˜†

Use Telegram app for texting and chat.

It mostly replaces FraggBook's Messenger.

But with privacy.

@Gargron You're the Mastodon Master Admin?

I support your creation , left Facebook since 4 months now !! Thank you !!

I'm a Solo, A Techie and a Nomad inside the same body,

I saw people die, some other crushed by the wheels of a bus,I saw human bodies melted with thier own car,

When I die, all these P.T.S.D Flashes will be lost In time, like tears In the rain.

Fixers wants me dead, because of who I am.

Teamsters wants to Logg-me-Off.

The world of 2020 is just about survival.

This system cannot work anymore.

Solo-Techies walks alone.

Solos don't feels physical pain.

Techies can save life's.

Techies have ratchets and handguns as weapon,

While Solos go to gym so they learn some new moves.

There are no more girls or boys, in 2020.

There are Cyberpunks.

Everybody is a Cyberpunk in 2020.

. . . . : : : : So much CHaoS, so little time : : : : . . . .

Gab.com must be DDoS'd .

They took Mastodon's code ..... to promote thier hate.

There is no place on earth for Nazis.

How do i change my interest on Mastodon ? Hmmm, im searching. I Didnt f!nd i7 yet. :/

Hello World. I wont use my system name here.

I Am Akira, From Montreal

Glad i

I am not binary, i am a

Finally i escaped this jail of data.

Soon or later i want to contribute to as a sponsor.

- Aki7a


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