local news takes on the toots and surprisingly it... isn't a bad take?

@Al__S Can't see a byline. Wonder who wrote it, or does that mean it's most likely syndicated content?

@Al__S Ta. A quick google tells me he edits the MEN tech column.

@soundandfury so trinity mirror syndicated content then- figures

@Al__S I'm on board for the local news bad pun headline.

@aldroid @Al__S Oh my GOD, I didn't even GET that! Oh god that's so painful I love it.

@Al__S I’m surprised by the part of the text in the mastodon picture: I’m pretty sure that there exist words with more than one letter 😂​ (Whatever, the limit can be changed now ☺)

Good take, by the way: thanks for sharing! ☺

@Al__S They got the name wrong in the title, but other than that, cool article ! :)


Excepting the big typo in the title "mastAdon" 😜

@andybroomfield Cambridge News (and probably syndicated across Trinity Mirror's whole network)

@Al__S Thanks, Interesting this place is being picked up by a few mainstream sources now.

@Al__S "Up to 500 words..." someone didn't double check the facts :D

@maloki @Al__S lol, and it's correct in the article... looks like they wrote "characters" but it didn't fit and the editor says "meh, words, basically the same thing"

@cjd @maloki @Al__S tbh I think I remember a server that left 1000 chars so... There's probably a server that can leave you write 500 words. Probably with no chars limit.

@maloki @Al__S facts like "how is mastodon spelled" since they used at least two different spellings... 🤔

@Al__S It's actually one of the best articles I had ever read on Mastodon.
There is just the "Mastadon" thing in the title and in a caption, but it likely has been made by someone else than the author.

@Al__S "Masodon* is a social network that is owned by nobody." is a BRILLIANT was of putting it and we should honestly contact the author to see if we can use it because LIKE.

(* okay "The Fediverse", really.)

@Al__S "posts can be up to 500 words" besides being wrong, that also looks like a censor bar... :x

@Al__S I think the fact that I'm feeling proud while reading this is just a testament to how fricking weird mastodon is

@Al__S Except for the "posts can be up to 500 words" graphic...

@Al__S except for the big massive misspelling of mastodon on the cover image 😣

@Al__S Can we talk for a second about the unnecessary (I hope) censoring box over the cartoon Mastodon's crotch?

@Al__S It's much better than all that other garbage I've read recently.
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