Hey, I just dusted off this account. No reason. Hi everyone.

‪In the world of nonsensical reviews, this one wears some kind of crown. ‬

Expecting Cenobites through this light fitting any time now.

Writers, be your best selves. Be daring, brave, inclusive, diverse, powerful.

As someone who, thanks to Jordan, Martin, Rothfuss, and Lynch, swore off of reading series before they were complete, I found Mark Lawrence's thoughts on this topic interesting. mark---lawrence.blogspot.co.uk

Are there any decent iPhone apps for Mastodon? I tried one that was rubbish.

I've written some stuff. Talk to me about books and horror and dark fantasy and all that stuff. I teach kung fu too, so talk to me about martial arts. I would love it if you'd help me write more stuff by buying one of these, telling folks about them, or leaving reviews. All that stuff really works. 👍🤘 Best place to start learning more is here: alanbaxteronline.com/books/ mastodon.social/media/pKXpI7Kn

Sooooo, I'd forgotten all about this place. Anyone still using it?

Also, we had diaspora and echo, both of which amounted to nothing. Will this be any different?

I think my biggest problem with this platform so far is calling it a toot. I know we got used to tweet pretty well, but tooting is just way too try-hard.

He tooted.

In the post today, author copies from those awesome folks at Ragnarok Publications. That cover by Shawn King is BANGIN'! mastodon.social/media/ojO7Cf2O


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