I've switched instances. You can find me over at @aleen@zeppelin.flights if you'd like to re-follow!

Hello friends! I'm moving to @aleen@zeppelin.flights. I hope I'll see you on that account 😊

The thing I appreciate about my marriage is how unfazed J is by my chaos.

A, at the kitchen sink: *snorts, then cackles*
J, at his desk: *mutters about RSS*
A: *still cackling*
J: What's going on?
A: NOTHING. I mean, YOU'RE the one who's too short to rinse out this CPAP hose and YOU got water all over the kitchen.
J: Okay.
J: *mutters more about RSS*

Does anyone know of a great iOS app for Pomodoro timing and tracking? I don't love any of the ones I've tried and keep setting timers manually.

this is my brain: 🧠
this is my brain on stimulants: πŸ§ πŸ’€

how to stay awake when caffeine calms you down

I feel like Twitter's almost done evolving into its final form: a place where people scream into the void for no one else to see.

I love Nora Jemisin's writing and her Hugo acceptance speech, but I super extra love her sparkling space cape 🀩


Oh. My. Glob. Eve Ewing is writing Everheart, the new series about Riri Williams, the genius black girl from Chicago who recreated Iron Man's suit and took over for him.

I am so glad a black woman from Chicago is writing this version.



I recently got started with Mastodon, and I found some things confusing. Other people signing up after me seem nearly as confused. I've put together everything I know so far about it in one spot.

New episode of Off Curve is up! This is different than the usual Off Curve, but as soon as there was an announcement for the GoFundMe for the Badass Women of Hearthstone tournament, I knew this was important and deserved its own episode.

Even if you don't usually listen because Hearthstone, this is applicable to anyone in gaming. (And boosts are appreciated.)


Hey, people on here, why not give some money to help cancer research? And to make me happy? Don't you want me to be happy?


health, food (meat) 

A week ago batch cooking was incredibly difficult, even with the InstantPot. Today I made a big batch of this, with the cabbage step: nomnompaleo.com/post/111934821

and also this, including cutting the chicken I to chunks (ew): livinglovingpaleo.com/2017/04/

When we say the move to Seattle was for my health, we meant it. I was Very Unwell.

Imagine what I'll be like when I'm actually caught up on sleep πŸ™ƒ

Are any of you disability advocates who can spare a little time?

But will no one think of the men?! 😭

I hate to be frustrated about our air quality when fires are raging, but I can't breathe. Looks like it'll be another week of not leaving the apartment!

As a non-techy person, I need yall to understand: just because you *hope* your technology won't be used for harassment, spam, and abuse doesn't mean assholes won't find a way. You need reporting tools. You need to safeguard for your users.

Get it through your thick fucking skulls already.

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"Reason for divorce?"
"He wouldn't stop giving input, even when I asked him to stop."

Made a bookmarklet to toot your current page with title, url, and (if it exists) selected text:



// @Gargron

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