I'd really like phone calls to not take over my iPhone's screen. The people who call me are not people I want to talk to on the phone, and it's a huge disruption. Just a regular notification is fine.

I know it's technically a phone. I get it.

@Aleen Totally agree with you and I feel like we're beyond "It's a phone though" in 2018.

@Aleen I’m totally in the “it’s not a phone” camp. For me and almost people I know actual phone calls are a minuscule part of overall phone usage. It just happens to be called a phone because it was easier to market a phone than a pocket computer...

@Aleen yeah, I would be totally happy with just a banner notification.

@Aleen I've lost Hearthstone ladder games because of that and it makes me want to set things ablaze.

@Aleen I switched to Android a few months ago, and it's call handling has become one of my favorite things. If the phone is unlocked, I just get a banner with Accept and Decline buttons. I almost always decline. #introvert

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