I feel like Twitter's almost done evolving into its final form: a place where people scream into the void for no one else to see.

@Aleen HP Love Craft tried to warn us but we didn't listen.

@Aleen Ive popped back a few times and it's looking really sad over there.

@Aleen Isn’t that what it has always been? I’m willing to guess most people don’t have any followers, and they mostly interact with people who don’t respond back.

@Aleen It seemed to be at a step where it was screaming for everyone to see... the void might be an improvement ...

@joesteel so I wrote "edition" and autocorrect changed it and then my Splatoon match started and I thought, "it's more accurate this way anyway."

@Aleen That’s actually the common experience of Twitter, we’re just not used to seeing it that way.

@Aleen I feel like it’s evolved into the slime from Ghostbusters 2 which makes a lot of sense.

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