Does anyone know of a great iOS app for Pomodoro timing and tracking? I don't love any of the ones I've tried and keep setting timers manually.

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@Aleen I’ve been using “The Clock: primarily for it’s other uses but it has a pretty decent Pomodoro timer feature too that they refer to as “Take a Break”.

@Aleen there's a bug right now with the coloring know the break timer but other that it works well. Can set it to allow you to cheat or not.

@danvpeterson Also, cheat? Me? On a timer which only exists to help me get work done?

I would never.

(was that too heavy-handed to be believable?)

@Aleen TickTick, my favorite task manager, does pomodoro. It looks nice but I have never done pomodoro so I have know clue if it’s nice or not.

@Aleen I was going to recommend Pomotodo which I use but I realized I don’t love it... so now I’m considering building my own 😂

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