I've switched instances. You can find me over at @aleen@zeppelin.flights if you'd like to re-follow!

Hello friends! I'm moving to @aleen@zeppelin.flights. I hope I'll see you on that account 😊

@drdrang it was a definite miscalculation, but I laughed a lot

@nwreg @jeffmc Rain would help. I was under the impression that rain was a thing that happened up here but I think I was wrong.

The thing I appreciate about my marriage is how unfazed J is by my chaos.

A, at the kitchen sink: *snorts, then cackles*
J, at his desk: *mutters about RSS*
A: *still cackling*
J: What's going on?
A: NOTHING. I mean, YOU'RE the one who's too short to rinse out this CPAP hose and YOU got water all over the kitchen.
J: Okay.
J: *mutters more about RSS*

@danvpeterson Also, cheat? Me? On a timer which only exists to help me get work done?

I would never.

(was that too heavy-handed to be believable?)

Does anyone know of a great iOS app for Pomodoro timing and tracking? I don't love any of the ones I've tried and keep setting timers manually.

@jeffmc We keep looking at the air quality and pollution indexes. I can't go outside in this--accidentally did yesterday for a bit and my lungs were screaming.

this is my brain: 🧠
this is my brain on stimulants: 🧠💤

how to stay awake when caffeine calms you down

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