Lilim: "Of course! You can't sign it!"
Crissy: *struggling with bondage* "Hmmph!"
Lilim: "You're a minor. I have to sign it for you!"

Commission for

Sapphy and Alice, having fun at the beach.

Commission for Muddies

Still playing! With a gameplay so captivating, it's no wonder she can't put the game down.

Commission for

Coco and Dark Coco passed the selection process of LilimWare, which consist of getting too close to Lilim before they are aware.

Commission for DemonLord1337

Drawing is easy. Putting it together, on the other hand...

Beware the light at the end of the tunnel. It might be a train.

Fan art of Toby Robin. I am allowed to do fan art of my clients stuff, right?

Luna is having some issues with her, um, job stability. But with this economy, I say she's complaining too much.

Commission for

Attacking people on the street to cut their hair is messed up. But what about to make their hair grow? Messed down?

Commission for

It's kinda hard to convey in one image the effect of hair growing. I hope it worked at least a little bit.

If you don't value yourself, the mimic will.

Commission for Gnarsie

RoboNurse can be used to treat a lot of stuff for really cheap. Not approved by the health departments of any country though.

Commission for

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