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Heya folks, I'm biting the bullet and changing instances >

If anyone could do me a favour and point me in the direction of that tool that lets you DM all your followers about an instance migration, it would me much appreciated.

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As promised - some of my favourite albums! Let me know if you want to know about any of them.

*finishes suckin a dick and crushes it against my skull like a beer can*

Twitter: everyone is screaming about how Senator Racisim McGhoul denied making claims that he would "Beat democracy to death with Hitler's bones"
Mastodon: everyone is gathering in the town square like it's a old western standoff, hooting and hollering as pepsi attempts to out-shitpost todd

horseshoe theory but it’s about how nerds and jocks both are just fucking assholes

Just a heads up to anyone interetsted: I will be live-tooting me making gumbo in like an hour and a half after I get back from the store and prep. Feel free to follow this thread, as I'll be posting it here!

sending you all large ice coffee energy in this here good morning toot

Hey!!!! 👋 I’m gonna do a handwriting thread!! People used to tell me back in high school that I had some of the neatest cursive they’ve ever seen. :D
So send me your social security info and I’ll send it written back to you!!!!

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Reposting my loose list of favourite albums for national bum day:

Please enjoy my basic white boy taste

The Ghostbusters are COPS. Do NOT call them.
Work with a local medium to open dialog with the spirits in your community.

Sad now, for some reason. I think it's because knzk is down

Hey couldn't help but notice a hundred of you don't follow me on knzk............. you should go do that

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The best thing that happened to me on twitter was when I posted a tiny review of a DIIV album and they retweeted it

Now that I'm actually learning about crypto I'm even more mad at bitcoin chuds for ruining it.

Everyone gets mad about high fantasy tropes but honestly I love elves so much. Look at them go, jumping through the trees and being faster and more agile than humans. Wielding neat curved blades and flipping around and shit. Usually embroiled in some ancient war against a force of great darkness. They’re great, fuck you I like elves.

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