Good morning mastodon, where do you fall on the chart today?

sitting at an uncomfortable strorny today, like usual

@Aleums just hungry today i think, so that's nice

@Aleums wait, I've definitely been sorny before, sad horny that is. This chart is all wrong!

@Aleums There should be a confused option 😉, but I think Sungry.

@Aleums i looked at my pulls and realized i went 5 color rares so i gotta put something together i guess

@wdraws Was trying really hard to pin this chart to the colour pie, but everything is red :(

@Aleums all minus horny, the one objectively good pentagon point

@Aleums the pentagon has taught me to seek horny and stress to reduce my sad, so there's always a silver lining

@Aleums it’s like you’re summoning the most modern of demons.

Right now I'm "hangrired", which is when you're hangry, but also tired, and beginning to suspect that you shouldn't be handling knives right now, but you need food. 🔪

@Aleums what is this type of meme called I need to know so I can find allll of them.

@Aleums Strorny, i guess. A bit farther from the stressed, though.

Does this work as a pentagram to summon depression?

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