@Alex83 do you know something about interoperability of that audio call function, with desktop clients?

@drazraeltod I saw that. but thx anyway.
I was hoping to hear that there would be more, like gajim or pidgin.

do you know how the audio calls are encrypted?

@paulfree14 as far as I read in the gajim MUC, they seem to be working on it. But i have no further/official info or an ETA. Daniel is tweeting about interworking on twitter, he seems to test it with Movim.

@Alex83 you don't happen to know when 2.8.0 will be available in fdroid? I'm checking 3 times a day since 2.8.0 release was announced by Daniel...

AFAIK, OMEMO is used to encrypt text messages & files.

I did not find the exact information about the method used in Conversations to encrypt audio/video stream.

Since Conversations implements audio/video calls using WebRTC, the following method should be used to encrypt the media stream:
"WebRTC utilises SRTP for the encryption of media streams ... However, the actual SRTP key exchange is initially performed end-to-end with DTLS-SRTP, allowing for the detection of any MiTM attacks."

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