Gearing up to announce next week’s campaign for , based on this super fun comic from UMC.

Follow me or UMC on Twitter, or ping me if you’re interested – the campaign kit is free for all to use!

Grabbed the bottle of leftover on my way out to the pharmacy.

Him: Why are you taking that?
Me: I'm returning it to the pharmacy.
Him: Oh right 💡! That's something that pharma people do.

Don't flush your old antibiotics, people – it ends up in the environment and makes worse.

A concerned editor (whom I follow but don't know) on Twitter sent me this DM a few days ago. Helpful, dorky, or arrogant?

This is a great piece from The Lancet (2014) on how during the WA outbreak should have incorporated local customs. Understanding your audience is key to all & efforts.

"Messages designed to correct perceived misunderstandings... follow logically from & framings of contagion. They pay little attention to the historical, political, economic & social contexts in which they are delivered."


– also known as the annual month-long reminder that I'll never write a novel. (National Not-Writing Month?)


Medical experts: We must end or modern medicine will perish!

Environmental experts: We must fight now, or the planet will be lost!

Sustainable food experts: We can stop and feed the whole world if we turn vegetarian!

People: OMG, I can binge-watch seven seasons of Mad Men on Netflix! *eats more popcorn*

🐦 is looking for researchers from the #GlobalSouth interested to write about their #research. They would provide translation to Norwegian.

#SciComm #ComunicaCiencia

This is what I'vee done this week – what about you?

Tinkering on a campaign for World Awareness Week (Nov 12-18) based on this comic.

Drafting a research poster on in , to be made by the genius deisgner behind these posters.

Sharing the latest issue of our magazine, if you're not interested in just read it for inspiration. 😉

Yesterday I tried writing my first toot. It didn't send due to technical issues with the app. I'm staring into this social media void awash with a sense of impending doom when I contemplate how long it actually takes to establish an active presence and following on a new social media site. How did you all manage to break into ? 🙄

You know how on they say that all publicity is good publicity, even when it's bad? Well, if you don't want to give a certain character or company the pleasure of knowing that you talk about them, is the solution. Read @gretchenmcc for WIRED:


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