You know how on they say that all publicity is good publicity, even when it's bad? Well, if you don't want to give a certain character or company the pleasure of knowing that you talk about them, is the solution. Read @gretchenmcc for WIRED:

@AlexHoegberg @gretchenmcc This is fascinating, thanks!

The article reminds me of the history of the word 'bear'. The old English word for bear disappeared sometime during the Middle Ages because people were too afraid to use it and started using different words, among them the modern word.

@maher @AlexHoegberg @gretchenmcc That sounded very much like an urban legend to me but based on a cursory search, story checks out. I learned something new today!

@maher @AlexHoegberg @gretchenmcc Though I should add that this probably happened before the Middle Ages and not necessarily in England, given the existing cognates in other Northern European languages.

@maher @AlexHoegberg @gretchenmcc now I wonder what the english word was before it became "bear"...

@distel @AlexHoegberg @gretchenmcc I think it was Voldemort

(for a serious answer see Reinder's link below)

@maher @distel @gretchenmcc I don't care about the serious answer, I'm sticking to this version. 😂

@maher @AlexHoegberg @gretchenmcc And all the nicknames people used to avoid "speaking of the devil" for fear he'd appear.

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