Retourner devant les élèves ça veut dire récupérer le décrochage scolaire de ce confinement ... Bof

L'excellent reportage de @Bronoli@twitter.com dont on parlait dans cette dernière partie : youtube.com/watch?v=4VyOPjsGqv

Son here is the leather pocket formed with hot water at 80° for 2 minutes.
Then hold with clips

Nice tie advanced from .
Will be nice in my room fixed on the ceiling.🚀

My test to bend leather and give it the right shape.
In red, done in boiling water, bad idea it became very hard and was shortened😥
Second test just in temperate water for 10 minutes and maintained in shape when drying... Wait and see

Here is the printed result of my screen accurate measure of the front buckle

@fedilab how to use the tags menu when writing a toot?
is it a list of tags that you can easily past in the toot?
I'm looking to make a toot template based on tags list. This seems to match my need but I do not understand how to insert them🙄

Putting pins on my leather belt.
These are with screw drive system

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