My starts to stop playing after 30 minutes or more randomly
You can see the thermal heatsink with a foam not very reliable.
I've made an update 😁

Hacking a headphone by removing the mic and plugin the line of a music box to play sound through a or channel.
Need the characteristics of a headphone otherway input is not recognized as mic.
Had to put a capacitor to block DC voltage and a 10k resistor to lower the level near 100mV.

Btw look at the size of the headset mic. Need to replace it with 1.5k resistor to keep the system recognised as a mic 🎤

Terminé les écrans le soir pendant quelques temps, c'est l'heure de découvrir de nouveaux mondes étranges. :blobaww:

My first text applied on a non flat shape with . pretty cool

this is to be glued on a pacman trophy

By the way check the size of this subwoofer amp 😱
Thor must be jealous

Here is the final integration of this Bluetooth audio module.
Some tape, some clamping collar.

And three buttons for audio controls.
Reverse pause forward.

Done. Bluetooth module auto connect when sound system is powered on, done with a relay as a load switch. I've plugged three command button :next, previous and pause.

Noise is less present with the pcb version.

Damned still have a little noise on the power line with my bluetooth audio. I will make a load switch instead of cutting the ground wich is not a good idea on audio system.
as I have no PNP for now I've done it with a relay and it works well

Adding Bluetooth on this jvc sound system. Thx to jvc and the quality of the pcb. All pin are labeled.
Easy to find my way.
Note that this -m18 needs a lot of bypass capacitors.

You need to check the signal output with an oscilloscope

Hey checkout my new Bluetooth sound system hacked
MH M18 and 7805.

Need some decoupling capacitor but sound is already good.

Power wires need to be short as possible to avoid noise

Time to recap my old csw subwoofer.
The relay is buzzing and I have tested some capacitors that are dead and out of spec.

@wekeys hello pas de vidéo de programmée ? Ta dernière date d'avril c'est bien ça ?

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