Ha vous auriez peut être du mentionner l'interprète du morceau de musique de l'épisode 275: banjo Guy Ollie.

Un passionné rétro.

Mon de ferme, triste 😭😢😵.
Mais bon j'ai pu récupérer un lot à 70%
Pour 6€!

Board mounted with
and animation done.
Next : integration in the e11 blaster, very excited😅

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working on an arduino ssd1306 project and found this amazing simulation website:

Need to repare a blaster e11 from star Wars.
Screen is discontinued.
Thinking to replace it with a ssd1306 oled and associated attiny13.

Made a onepiece shoes for my daughter with a patch, really cool.
Some sewing and put an internal thermal band for protection

Made an headset amp with a from alie.
Need that to amplify the output of my video box which is too week for two big headset.

Check to take a good decoupled board on alie like this one

Need a good clean power supply.
For now I use a power bank, the USB output of my video player is too noisy.
Current draw is only between 5 and 50mA.

Found also a nice jack fork with adjustable volume for each headset

This is the last update on hacking and repairing a . My last battery holder in 3dprinted PLA melt because of thin wires and springs with 5A @12V inside.

Found these type C battery holder on rspro
rs-online.com for 2€

The role playing game is wired and working.
Did not map every keys but tested sound and led mapping. Working great. Need to get a descent audios sample now.
Thx to trekcore.com/audio/
I have everything that I'm looking for.

Tested with a streaming phone under and another to get the sound

Damned I've made a mistake during my test to simulate a headset with mic on Android. It does not work as is. So I've scavenged an old headset, removed the mic and update the pcb.
Tested the sound clarity and the sound is very good, I think the ground plane in pcb helped in this way.

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