Gonna do a photo thread over this afternoon about when I visited Wonderland, the Chinese theme park that never got finished. My only real urbex experience really.

Wonderland was situated about half an hour out of Beijing to the north-west. I'd known about it for a while since I saw an article about it in some magazine. The whole place is gone now and there's a shopping centre there instead, but I managed to visit before too much more was knocked down.

Photo is a pano of the car park. You can see the two large visitor centre buildings and an unfinished structure between, probably the park entrance.

The two visitor centres were almost complete, and you could get in easily as some of the larger doors had not been installed yet.

Close up of some of the roofing and walls, after we got up to the upper level and onto one of the roofs.

Since development stopped and most of the park had not been built, farmers had moved in and started farming the land. In the distance you can see the Disney-style fairly palace. Some good pics of that later.

Second pic, which I really love, shows a small shed or storage area with a door made from some of the roofing material.

Just noticed in that second pic the electricity cables hung in the trees in the background.

Spooky overgrown courtyard. to the left, the main indoor area with open access. To the right, a separate building with locked doors. *Narrator voice* but not all the doors were locked

Roofscape of the spooky courtyard after we got upstairs in the locked building and out onto the roof there.

A picture of insect tracks in the dust - there were no other footprints in the dust of this part of the building so nobody had been inside for years, it seems.

Another couple of snaps of the farmland and a dismantled girder structure that I was hoping to see, but which had been taken down.

Finishing up with my favourite pic from this jaunt, a foreboding pic of the castle amid a cornfield underneath a gathering storm as the winds picked up. Got trapped by the rain exploring this castle, the upper levels of which were inaccessible and the lower level of which was just a giant empty pit.

what strikes me about this image is that despite the park site being abandoned for years, someone was keeping the topiary out the front nice and neat.

@Alexmay sounds like a fun place to get caught in the rain. great photo

@tsu Thanks! It was awesome, so cool. I met some Chinese kids there and I was like, pretty cool no? they were like, no it's boring

@Alexmay i guess i'm not surprised, not the same type of over stimulation video games/toys can offer.

they'll probably appreciate it more when they're older
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