Queer Selfisolation: No oppurtunities for Makeup 😥

Really hate it how forces you to use . Ofcourse it is possible to disable it, but you are agressively nudged to connect your computer to their database.


This is a post that explains why I don't like Onedrive and how if you have to use how to encrypt yourselves.

Covid-19, neocolonialism, Trump 

The administration of has begin taking steps to disown the land of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, a native american reserve bordering on all sides the state of .

"Not since the termination era of the mid-twentieth century has a Secretary taken action to disestablish a reservation."

Truly bizarre.


gay art 

@vestal @byttyrs hello im very hapy i found this artistt their stuff is very good and i did have a little cry at this one. just look at it wow

Finally finished reading 'Anarchism and Other Essays' by Emma Goldman. Good start if you wanna learn more about anarchism. Below a link where you can download it as a pdf for free.


(@AmadeuAntonio) Our colleagues @DittrichMiro and @Matthias_Quent from the @IDZ_Jena spoke with the @nytimes about last week's ban of two #reichsbuerger groups by the @BMI_Bund and the parallels that can be drawn to sovereign citizen movements in the #USA. #englishread
nytimes.com/2020/03/19/world/e nitter.net/AmadeuAntonio/statu

drawwing.. check it out!! im very proud :)) 


if you refuse to pay your rent because you "organized" with people on the internet, your landlord will just laugh and evict you

as many people as possible under a single landlord have to strike at the same time in order for the strike to be effective at all. plus, you need a plan, some kind of idea of what legal muscle you need to be able to summon when the landlord fights back, and an idea of how you'll deal with the inevitable blowback, because there WILL be blowback

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Violent history, Spanish Civil War 


I feel conflated when reading this. Though I am still a fervent proponent of , it is good to realise what kind of violence often comes with it. We have to find the right balance between opposing the while not dehumanizing the participants.

Depressing shit about the consequences of Corona 


It's truly awful to hear what happens to people who lost their jobs due to the . My solidarity to all people who are currrently struggling to keep their heads above the water.

No more evictions!

Dirty politics in Syria 

continues its programme to gain control over East . Meanwhile the is doing nothing to help, only securing their and convulsively holding on to their terrorist prisoners locked up there. Personally I am very curious what will happen with the prisoners when Turkey gets full control over the region, something I think is likely to happen.


“Though health access for our community has been long fought for, there are still gaps that leave us specifically vulnerable to health threats, such as this pandemic. From medical neglect at private detention centers, to being less likely to be allowed to stay home from work, undocumented people face challenges that are specific to our community that we want to to address and ask allies to pay particular attention to amidst the panic.“


Turkey being a bully, humanitarian crisis 


continues to bully Northeastern Syria into submission. The regime of won't stop until falls, at the expense of countless innocent citizens. Truly disgusting.


Love this show, really helps you make a difficult process easy to understand. I still think it's hard to get myself in such a state to actively contribute to political goals but I am confident that this show will lower my threshold.

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