Your digital life is WIDE OPEN... use .
Total on desktop and on mobile for !
Private send, spend, earn and your IP is also protected.

Now for some “Light” News!
Alias Light Wallet (ALiWa) is out!

• A new, fast and easy way to store your coins safely on your device!
• No waiting for syncing anymore!
• Instant recovery from seed!
• Ideal for traders who just want to store their coins away from insecure exchanges.
• Only public transactions possible, but connected via Tor.

Download yours via links on the Wallet page on the main site -

Need for your transactions? Use .

Our online devices are more and more vulnerable to bad people looking to use your data or steal your funds and identity! With Alias, both your desktop wallet and new private mobile wallets are secure!

Your digital life is WIDE OPEN... use .
Total on desktop and on mobile for !
Private send, spend, earn and your IP is also protected.
See all the features of this coin -

🎉We did it in only 18 days!
Thanks to all who contributed!🙏🏼

News of the listing progress will come soon!

Party popper Let's get listed on

Join our community in reaching our fundraising goal.
We are now over 50% there! 🌡

Read all about it and see donation options here:

+ in the palm of your hand!

We've released an update for v 4.4.1 of the Alias mobile wallet. Bugfix for Android version 10 and below.
- Fixed UI flaw on transaction list
- Updated to Boost to 1.77
- Increased timeout

Update today!

It's Here! core Wallet v4.4 is available for download!
New features include;
* translated to 6 languages
* Updated to Tor v3 seednodes for increased security & privacy
* 32Bit Windows (x86) version now available
* and more!

Read more and update today:

🎉 Get ready for a new and improved core wallet from $ALIAS! v4.4
Sept 1, 2021 at 10pm UTC!
This is not a major update, but it's recommended as there are numerous UI, privacy and translation updates! Links and details to follow!

UP Episode 5 is here!
The summer is always a bit slow due to vacations and such, but even so, a lot is going on and a lot is coming up! Watch, subscribe, leave a comment and SHARE!

More than three months have passed since the last development newsletter. That’s a clear sign of hitting our summer season. Here's a summary of what has happened behind the scenes in one of cryptocurrency most private and rewarding coins!

The Light Wallet, better known as , is finally ready for testing on all three major desktop platforms – incl. 32bit windows!
Read more:

Alias is built to achieve real transactional . $Alias also uses a unique integration of Tor to always protect your real IP.
Protecting your privacy and user data is central to our vision.

💸Fees to send and spend $Alias from your desktop or mobile wallet are a fraction of a "penny." There is a dramatic savings in using Alias over other privacy coins like on top of being 4x faster.
Read more about our features -
+ +.

🎉Congrats to the 10 Winners of $ALIAS!🤑
You 10 were actively trading on @PolarityExchange during the Airdrop Contest.

We are celebrating 2 Years of !

The ONLY with private staking and the ONLY coin with private staking for mobile!

Friday, 17th May 2019 - 20:00:00 UTC (1558123200 unix epoch time)

Enjoy private staking and earn 3 Alias per reward with an average ROI of 5-8%

It pays to be private with $ALIAS!

Hey, Elon Musk - We agree on the deficiencies and unsustainability of .
$Alias is built on the energy-efficient v3 consensus algorithm means the energy consumed to keep the network secure and working is significantly less than coins.
Planet Friendly, & since 2016

Reminder! AMA with Polarity at the at 4 pm EST, Today!

Get all the details on the $Alias project and community!

The only private Proof of Stake project with private staking for desktop and Mobile!

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