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Our democracy is bestest, our human rights are rocking, our borders are safest, our passport bestest... how many lies can we take in 2 days??? Ho kya raha hai yeh?

NEW - A project led by the Rockefeller Foundation and the New York Stock Exchange has created a new asset class that will put, not just the natural world, but the processes underpinning all life, up for sale under the guise of promoting “sustainability.”

Another chapter in the brutal persecution of Julian Assange on October 27/28. We need everyone to stand with us Royal Courts of Justice, London.


Starting with the year 2022 I will no longer post, promote or advertise or mention - call it what you want - closed source software unless there are data breaches.

I decided there is no trust and room or the need to use closed source software in your digital life.

I just had a terrible idea. Would anyone in the fediverse be interested in a fedivision song contest?
And participating?
I... I think I would like that!
#eurovision #fedivision #music

Hello, I'm new and a little lost around here. I was asked to make an #introduction post so here I go: My name is Chris, I work as an documentary filmmaker and photographer in central america, mainly focused on social movements. I am also interested in all open source, Linux and cybersecurity stuff.

If you are ever in London come and stand with us. We are a assorted bunch of people dedicated to
Freeing the truthteller is the most important thing in the world today.

Protest Wednesdays 3pm Australia House;
Saturdays Piccadilly Circus 4pm
COMING SOON: Oct 23, 1pm a march from BBC Portland Place to Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand
Oct 27, the extradition appeal, Royal Courts of Justice, London

Incredible.... Radio interview with the Stundin journalist who broke the Thordarson lied to the FBI story which has destroyed the last vestiges of its case against Assange.

1,055 results from the WikiLeaks Archive on Radovan Karadzic, who is reported to be moving to a UK jail to serve remainder of his sentence

Link: t.co/oQJYVJbzOS t.co/G01fcgE18a

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We stand in solidarity with Palestinians in their struggle against the settler colonial state of Israel. We condemn any states that support Israel & fuel their bloody aggression against Palestinians.
Pls see below for information/resources.
#freepalastine #freesheikhjarrah

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AdventuresOfMun/st

Not a great advert for the Darkside gang.

Report: Colonial Pipeline paid ransomware attackers $5 million, but still had to rely on its own backups.


Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs is where Global Cities programme was generated. Look to its evolution to find where the Lock Step Covid Reset and authoritarian control began. youtube.com/watch?v=VJH5YcibUw

Aha! Where the US spawns its colour revolution/regime change cadres!

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