I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

@felidista Look. It's simple. I give good content ok. I want my recognition. I want validation. I want a LG V40 and a BAFTA and five million euros.

@felidista the injustice of it. I'm lying here, haven't tried that hard at all really, and I'm all outta ideas.

@felidista cos I'm tryin' to win a BAFTA from my bed....

@Alisca Be? It's nearly dinnertime! You Irish really know how to relax.

@felidista Jesus you sent me into a existential tailspin there BE MORE CAREFUL WHEN TYPING 'BED' PEOPLE JESUS CHRIST

@felidista and FYI it's not even 12 noon here. we havent even had Second Breakfast

@Alisca Not even had first breakfast yet! So busy this morning, being right on the interwebz...

@felidista Does he care I think's the real question. :-(

@Alisca Probably wants to put it oin his next album; 'Feel My Be". The video will feature Beyoncé in a bathtub full of Guinness being scrubbed down by Galway GAA.

@Alisca That image will be there forever. Especially when you're our with the lads.

@felidista I've already memed it into the Galway Camoige Team

I think it's truth (I'm from a country with a 'Latin Extended A' language). So BOOSTED!

@Alisca it would've helped if the joke wasn't a few years too stale :-) Sorry!

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