I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

@Alisca Be? It's nearly dinnertime! You Irish really know how to relax.

@Alisca Not even had first breakfast yet! So busy this morning, being right on the interwebz...

@Alisca Probably wants to put it oin his next album; 'Feel My Be". The video will feature Beyoncé in a bathtub full of Guinness being scrubbed down by Galway GAA.

@Alisca That image will be there forever. Especially when you're our with the lads.

I think it's truth (I'm from a country with a 'Latin Extended A' language). So BOOSTED!

@Alisca it would've helped if the joke wasn't a few years too stale :-) Sorry!

@Alisca @aldersprig
Image description: a white coffee mug with “I 🔲 Unicode” on it in black

@Alisca I also like the variant "I � Unicode", because the replacement character is such a typical Unicode thing.

@Alisca cannot boost. It’s not funny cuz it confuses Unicode (the standard) with its encoding e.g. UTF-16. (Those funny errors occur in an encoding and not in the standard).

Buuuuuu buuuuuuuuU!

@mastoabed @Alisca There's actually absolutely no confusion here. You'll find that the "tofu" problem is actually a going to drive you insane if you try to solve for it on your own. Why? Because it's not an encoding problem at all. More often than not, it will be a font problem. How many fonts? Oh... as of Oct 2016 there are 114 "Noto" fonts. #unicode #fonts

@starlocke @Alisca If we prefer to split missing glyphs from encoding (implementation) domain then sure the problem is in font stack but still not in Unicode (standard).

E.g. Unicode docs state that FACE PALM character: 🤦 (displayed as 🤦) has codepoint 129318, #o374446, #x1f926. Here Unicode’s role ends.

Now we have encodings, FontConfig, Xft, Pango, fonts with different coverage, etc. The real issue is in this part. This part is not Unicode’s responsibility.

@mastoabed @Alisca Indeed. Not unicode's problem at all. On that, I am amused at the "confusion" presented by the mug. I guess we can just sit back and call it art along the lines of "ceci n'est pas un pipe" :blobcatcoffee:

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