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Oh no. The new granola we bought is horrible. Fuck.

two weeks off has really given me some perspective.

This is all bullshit, isn't it? All of it.


Nearly blew the today by guessing two letters twice. Got in just under the wire. 25 minutes tho.

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Dear @LEGO_Group - I am once again asking that if NASA, ESA, or anyone else puts it in space, you make a kit of it.
🤩 The real is now fully unfolded! Amazing!! 👏 👏 Hopefully you can build and unfold your own someday! @LEGOIdeas

"flatpak" for FUCK'S sake I am too old nownto learn yet another thing

I'm sick of constantly having to feed my offspring

All Too Well by Taylor Swift is the 2021 addition to Christmas Songs, right?

I've been informed that the has been fully deployed. One is pleased.

Jupiter being an absolute unit last night over Dublin City

I'm so confused. Everyone knew Novak Djokovic was a prick, right? Who didn't know?

WandaVision Spoiler 

This was such a mindfuck, remember?

brain work email requesting action brain do no-no no cry but very sad and tired want nap but email work cunts

self-care is so 2019 guys

I'm switching back to drugs

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you ever think about how giraffe skulls are shaped? fucking wild

The Last Scot's Clan of 2021 

This is it. This represents the last sweets of Christmas 2021. The true ending.

#2022 let it begin.

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I am giving away music. Shostakovich (22 CDs), Bruckner (15 CDs), Beethoven (10 CDs), Rachmaninow (6 CDs), Monteverdi (2 CDs), bits and pieces by Mozart (2 CDs), Chopin, Ravel, Mahler (1 CD each). Shipping goes at my cost to the European Union and neighbourhood (UK, Switzerland, Scandinavia). The more you take, the more I love you, because it is less of a hassle to me.

Thread with pictures and brief descriptions follows, hit me up for details (and for CDs, of course).

The Lost Daughter is..... [No spoilers] 


"I piss warnings, pig."
-- Britta, Community.

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