If any of you were furries in the 90s, it's worth noting that VCL is shutting down soon. Last chance to get anything you want to get before the lights go dark there, too.

@Almafeta Ooof. That's a hell of a thing to hear. I thought that place had so much inertia it would last longer than our sun.

@Balina @Almafeta Basically everything the moof said.

It's a time of endings lately :x

@fluffy @Almafeta

I think Ch’marr completely rewrote it over time. But yeah I wrote the first versions. Complete with base64-encoding your kill list in a huge query string because I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to set cookies or maintain any kind of state on the server.

@fluffy @kellerfuchs @Almafeta

Well there was Avatar before that but then we get to decide if an ftp site from before the World Wide Web was even invented counts as “a site”...

@anthracite @fluffy @Almafeta Nice!

*should probably poke around before it goes offline, but is tiwed and achy today.*

@kellerfuchs @fluffy @Almafeta

There is a lot of stuff on there that is probably only of historical interest. The best work of the furry scene has gotten a lot better than anything posted in the VCL's heyday, IMHO.

@anthracite @kellerfuchs @Almafeta counts as an FTP site, I suppose. And I totally forgot about Avatar.

@Almafeta Just for the record, what’s the source for this news?

@Almafeta @Dex is there any sort of coordinated effort to create one final archive of it? Or, due to the ethical complexity of resharing such content, is it better to let it go?

@Almafeta The world might be collapsing for many furries right now, but at first I thought about VLC and just thought a confused "what the fuck"

@Almafeta Eep! Is there a statement of some kind to that effect?

@Almafeta Could I trouble you to let me know if you come across such? I'd like to pass word on. VCL's not exactly a big name now, but I'd not want to let it pass away without note.

@porsupah The Twitter link up thread is the original source. The VCL admin seems very social-media-adverse.

@Almafeta Ahh, okies. I'm not finding a Twitter link readily, though, and their own account there seems bare.

@Almafeta Oh, man. That place is kinda like a time-warp back to my angsty teenage years; I didn't know it was *possible* for it to go away. :(

@Almafeta VCL survived this long? I thought it shut down years ago.

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