At this point I'm wondering if a constitutional amendment might be necessary to fix things.

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@Almafeta At this point, there are three key amendments we seem to need:

- law enforcement is responsible for their actions, and has a duty to know the law

- capitalists can't buy politicians

- some kind of actually fair elections (e.x. single transferrable vote)


@octet33 I've been thinking about making a "politicians - campaigning, current, or former - may not hold stock, any position in any enterprise, or more than one parcel of land," but that is enactable by law.

And the weighted vote amendment would fix both Congress an the electoral college

but besides the SHIELD act I've seen nobody try to come up with a constitutional answer to abuses of law enforcement.


@Almafeta IDK about the weighted vote amendment - it'd fix state overrepresentation but parties would still have power to nominate candidates they consider favorable.


@Almafeta As for capitalists buying politicians, the biggest problem I see in this is lobbying, or as most nations call it, corruption. Just extending the emoluments clause to politicians would do a lot of good, though putting a wealth cap on previous politicians for life would also help.

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