Shameless self promotion!

Want to keep your face covered nice and snug? Want to obscure your face from facial scanners? Want to support a queer trans girl?

These masks use a semi-random, asymmetric pattern to create dark spots where algorithms expect light and light spots where algorithms expect dark. You can see on the models how the pattern breaks up the contours of your face.

1) Yes, I'll be coming up with similar patterns for lighter and darker skin tones, but I can only do so many per day...

2) This was created to trick algorithms that look for shadow edges. I've got designs in the works for algorithms that look for shadow elevations (it'll look like fat diamonds), and ones designed for highlighted curves (it'll look like interlocking non-euclidian spoons)


You're a good person, doing great work.

But like, eff you, tho.

@Hayling Never thought I'd be so pleased to have you curse me out. XD

@Wetdryvac I can't call it "surveillanve defeating dazzle" because that will get it taken down, but there is no rule against a nice 70's inspired design :>

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