Now I'm just guessing, but I suspect there may be a problem in the steam tunnels underneath the street.

uspol, slurs used sarcastically 

Welp, little Apex Legends bug. I tried to grapple a platform in World's End as Pathfinder and instead of making me fall faster, it pulled me through the floor, leaving me stuck in these rocks above the kill plane but below the playable area.

"Loot boxes are limited to online games, they'll never catch-"

Why Gizmodo is still loved, despite all the hiccups:

Look at % of screen content on the left versus the % of screen content on the right.

It turns out activating a coin frenzy while flying, and thus getting both combo increases simultaneously extending both, gives you a crazy bonus.

When you own a cat and hear crunching at 2AM

- or -

When @SquirrelLilly is trying to tame dodos in ARK and loses track of one

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Something not normally visible to the public, laid bare by former hotel demolition and a road with a steep grade: KC's under-street utility tunnels.

There is no non-furry explanation for this billboard

There is a cat cafe in KC now! 'Whiskers', 3705 S Summit St.

Oh boy. Looks like I get to continue my Twitter appeal via snail mail!

This condo bills itself as 'luxury' but is still obviously a refurbished foreclosed school.

Like, strapping balconies on a schoolhouse doesn't make it look chic, it just makes it look like you chain up misbehaving kids outside.



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