Today, in a very special edition of Almafeta Online... we're going to stream some more Artifact again. It's not that special at all.

...although I am slightly delayed in starting because of a sudden need to listen to some Crush 40. So that's special!

Tonight's frustration was playing a REALLY interesting mash - a JRPG where combat was done in a top-down Zelda-style, somewhat a 16-bit remix of Archon, with several different enemy types...

And I accidentally quit out. That seed was lost. :<

Well, I want to get a somewhat early bed tonight, which means I'm going to get an early start on streaming! I MAY switch games out later, but for now, I want to continue to push into the story of the game company that could, but didn't.

Come in and say hi!

It's SuperMash!

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*opening a can of tuna*
Cat: Oh my GOD
Me: No-
Cat: SECOND dinner??
Me: No, this is m-
*taps me with her paw*
Cat: Father you have provided SeA MEaT
Me: Please stop
*jumps up on the counter*
Me: Jesus christ
Cat: I am BLESSED dad holy fUCK
Me: Please don't-

Looked up the franchise expense of $restaurant. $400K. Not bad, doable in maybe ten years of buckling down or with help from friends...

... but that comes with a minimum $5 million net worth.

Just to be able to open a bog standard fast food restaurant, you need a net worth in the top 2%.

It's frustrating sometimes.

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Bleagh. Want to call in but don't want to give my coworkers a hell day. We don't have the labor hours for me to skip out on 10 of them.

Man, feverish and loopy is a GREAT mindstate to be in when you go 2 for 2 making them ragequit.

"A pity. I could only demonstrate 12% of my full power."

I don't want to lose my streak, but it's going to be a ministream. Still, poke your head in and say hi!

It's Artifact!

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Meant to get started streaming early... and instead got caught looking at an archive of a website I made as a youngthing ~15 years ago.

The stream was fun, and I'm getting more chatters - although those are also drawing more spammers. Alas, alack...

And Ghost Prairie Dog, a game about a prairie dog (yes) who is not a ghost (no):


And a hard JRPG that is just hard, but modded to heck:


Want a hard platformer-JRPG that seems simple?

Mash: XZ2F3Z

We're going back into Supermash, as the difficulty starts to ramp up. Can one girl survive the dakka onslaught?

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