went to search if my guinea pig could eat apples but instead of putting guinea pig i just put his name int he search

hey crow if wallace is just sitting still and letting me pet him does he like it or is he scared

he's just silent but he doesnt really make noises ever

I’m kidding on this post please don’t yell at me 

I was black in my ouma canon so I can say the n word. I may be white in this life but back then I knew what it was like. I understood the pain. I went through it so it is O K for me to say it. Stop calling me a “whitie” I can say the n word.

I can’t even add a profile pic or anything what does this mean

Why is my profile pic and header gone on mastodon.social did something happen

Hey sorry I’ve been inactive lately it just feels like there’s only ever 2-3 people on anymore

Other things to try: ham/bacon (in chunks, not strips), Parmesan sprinkled on top after it comes out of the oven, etc.

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