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I am a lesbian artist and writer, and I am scared to try new things like this app, but here I am. Let's be friends. 😊

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More protest art, thick it might become my first short comic of 2018. Coming outta the gates kicking and screaming.

No, I'm not here to argue with anyone about whether Chiropractors are actual doctors or not. Google it.

Okay she's checking out, paying her copay, and the receptionist has no idea whether the insurance will actually cover the visit or not. Said if not, we'll just send you a statement. And she's supposed to come back in Friday. Another visit that may or may not be covered. 😐 Suspicion grows.

This place just got real sketch. I don't trust anyone here. Especially the receptionist.

Overheard just now,

Random lady: "I need some a them relaxin' pills again. They freakin' work!"

Receptionist: "I know! and they're organic."

Random lady: "Better than them drugs."

Receptionist: "You'd think they'd pay for those, the insurance, you know?"

Random lady: "Oh, I know. But it's not... federally..."

She just trailed off. Oh god, they're not federally what? Where did she take them relaxin' pills?!!

Sitting in the waiting room of a chiropractor's office for my girlfriend's appointment. This was her choice, not mine, and I am supportive.

Full disclosure; I do not think chiropractors are real doctors. I think this is pseudoscience garbage, and am fully prepared to cuss out that old quack if he hurts my girlfriend. 😐

For real though, I needed to bake cookies tonight. *deep sigh*

Practicing cookie making with some iced lemon shortbread snowflakes. Turned out really cute, held their shape, the texture... was a bit off. Maybe didn't bake long enough, or overworked the dough. Ah well. Good first try. Will probably try regular sugar cookies next. :)

Gods Bless the editors though. Sent an email explaining my situation and they've granted an extension. I can breathe again!

Things you don't wanna deal with at 9 pm on a deadline day...having the Photoshop CC trial someone "gifted" to you expire, so you're forced to register and subscribe (and PAY!) and download and install aaaall over again.


Ima brew some coffee...

Do any of you have a crime bucket list? Like... crimes you wanna commit before you die? Don't answer if it's murder!

Mine are shoplifting and defacing of government property.

*dreamy sigh*

One day...

@Alterici I'm also making potato soup from scratch. You guys, I'm gonna be the Chopped champion.

I watched a heck of a lot of cookie decorating videos today. And Zumbo's Just Desserts. And Great British Bake Off.... It's research!!!

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