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Natasha Alterici

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I am a lesbian artist and writer, and I am scared to try new things like this app, but here I am. Let's be friends. 😊

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My drawing buddy is a little sleepy today.

(2 of 2) still one of my favourite things I've made

(toot 1 of 2.. a 2toot??) My cute old Ladies comic 'Just Like the First Time'

I have a tendency to draw the same type of figure over and over. Lean, thin, gangly even. I blame Egon Schiele.

Gonna challenge myself to branch out. 😐

Welcome to my Mastodon account, where I only share nakey scribbles apparently. 😋

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This morning my girlfriend suggested we spend the whole day running around town and shopping, (not actual shopping cuz we poor), so that's what we did. It was greatly needed after yesterday's complete meltdown. I feel so much better. 👭😍💕

My two cuties. Cheshire is 7 years old and the sweetest boy. He knows 2 tricks. Louise is 5 months old, totally crazy, and can't decide if human touch is the worst or the best. She never sleeps. 😗

@Alterici It's just garbage and I feel like garbage and these are dumb thing to be upset about. 😑

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# 1 reason I won't show people my sketchbook; full of nudes. Here's one: Show more

AH! I did it! Guys, I made this gif today, messing around with drawing apps and screen capture. Excited by the possibilities. :D

Check out the 2017 Ignatz winner for Outstanding Anthology ELEMENTS: Fire a Comic Anthology by Creators of Color (@BeyondPress)


just wanna say thanks for all the boosts yesterday. 😚

Trying again: So I'm working on a project to catalog every lesbian film ever and draw reviews of them. It was originally on patreon, but I've collected the comics in a PDF now for sale here: Check it out, support queer creators. 😉

Heya! I'm Eli, a comic artist and Illustrator based in Vienna, Austria.
I'm currently working on a webcomic with my partner @Viv called Heart of Gold while also doing freelance on the side.

You can find me on twitter

and our webcomic is here

#mastoart #webcomics