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Raspberry Pi Zero pretending to be a Vax 3900 running OpenBSD. And faster than a real 780.

Just spent an hour making up a lead sheet for a 1950 pop song that's been earworming me for years. Gonna make an arrangement and actually play the thing. (rhumba by Louieguy and Davis, "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.") 🎼

Snow accumulation is now serious, at least 5 inches. More expected this morning. May avoid road travel today, despite things to be done.

And the snow keeps falling. Almost no wind to shift it out of here. Bet we're over 5 inches deep now.

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1910 my Great Grandfather Louis immigrated from Norway to the United States. I have roots from Finland, Poland, and Sweden. In 1910 these countries could have have been described in colorful ignorant language too.
Many Irish, German, Poles, Chinese, African, and other nationalities came to this country from nations in peril as well.
In America immigrants get the job done. They are the life blood that renews this country. Immigrants are us and we are them. We are all strangers/family.

Temperature steady at freezing, since before midnight. Barometer rock steady too. By Epona, it must be the fabled January thaw.

Tess update: Today she is drinking the water from her new bucket. Much relieved am I.

Notifying Twitter folk & friends that I'm over here now and may eventually vacate premises there.

Bought a heated water bucket for Tess in her day pen, strung power to make it work. In this weather her water freezes before she can drink much. She didn't touch it all day, probably because she's used to it being frozen. 😟🐴

Sooo. The Moussaka was a success. Served with Polish Dill Pickle soup as an appetizer, and with fresh home baked sourdough bread. Wine was a Retsina. Cranberry apple tea followed.

Making moussaka for dinner. Even with a "short cut" recipe, it's like an all day process. Roasting a turkey with all the extras seems easier.

My husband performing with The Kishwaukee Ramblers this morning, Woodstock Farmers Market.

Sample excerpt of the novel ms I'm currently editing: (about 5000 words.)

OK, I'm here. But no need to stop the party because of that. 😋