Saw some folks doing this, so I'll be a copyhorse. Me and my fursona.

How often does Easter collide with April Fool?

Grr. I seem to have misplaced two whole novels still in manuscript form. Not deleted, but I have too many computers and disk drives. Need to get better organized I see. 😬

Neighbors seem finally to have built a coop that their chickens can't escape. Haven't seen loose chickens for several days. Yesterday saw this sign on their chicken yard gate.

Crocuses (croci?) Make an appearance right on time.

Had some rare minutes left over today so I put together a necklace for myself. Obsidian pebbles with a porcelain pendant from Clay River Designs.

Early voting yay! Primary ballot cast. 🐎

Peripatetic chickens => PeriPATHETIC eggs: found these abandoned this morning in a spare stall where we store tools.

How to shut down arguments against reinstating the federal ban on AR-15 and similar weapons:

Seventeen redpolls at once, picking up nyger seed from the ground. Of course thew flew when I reached for the camera.

Redpoll vindication. The four birds at the feeder, lower left corner, in this shot taken from my dining room window, are all Common redpolls. We've seen at least a dozen at once today.

Long awaited contributor copy arrives. Yay! Now I get to read all the poems.

Things are getting interesting now. GOP/NRA have finally stepped on the wrong toes. Students stand up and act, schools attempt to back and enforce the status quo. That won't work. These kids will be voting in 2 yrs or less. Goodbye, GOP!

Submitting bird lists from Great Backyard Bird Count (2/16 to 2/19) and I get "challenged" for pine siskin and common redpoll as "Not found in your area." I beg to differ. The siskins are regulars. Redpolls appear in winters but not every year. Both were positive ID at close range. (5 feet!)

Aerobics poo! Just shoveled 15 inches of snow out of our 80 foot driveway in 90 minutes. I smell like a wet horse.

Greatest amount of snow accumulation here in several years. 20 years ago this was common. Now it feels extreme as we scramble for dusty forgotten means to deal with it. Between 12 and 14 inches standin, with deeper drifts.

More snow. Put horses in, had to scrape snow off them. Only the second time this season. 🐎

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