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Oh hey, it's my one year anniversary of getting on Mastodon. I don't want to get too sappy, but joining this website has genuinely made a significant, positive difference in my life. Meeting wonderful people, being exposed to people from all around the world and from all walks of life. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's been super fun, love you all.

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Hey, if you ever need somebody to throw some Pure Fucking Nonsense™ onto your TL in the middle of all the discourse, I'm your guy

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Hello, I'm Altruest. I like beautiful things, and I think we live in a beautiful world. Friends are Good, as is art, food, dogs, and the moon. I like to be sad (but only sometimes), and I love being excited about things I know nothing about. I believe we can all get along, and I know that injecting a little bit of empathy into your life gets us closer to that goal.

I think you're beautiful, and valid, and welcome. Peace and love. ✌🏾

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Hello new people! 👋🏾

I'm Altruest, a current student getting my PhD in Neuroscience. On Mastodon I have a wide variety of interests, and you can find me talking about books, music, science, podcasts, videogames, or just trying to bring the world some positivity! Mastodon has honestly changed the way I think about social media, I hope you get everything out of it that I have!

(for M A X I M U M E N G A G E M E N T)

There's a certain inherent camaraderie when you see another person in lab at 10pm on a Sunday. It's like, this is our life huh? Cool cool

Oof oof oof. Been in the lab since 8pm, it's heading towards 11 and I am rapidly losing motivation

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Does anyone know how to make friends? I know this is literally the most pathetic question ever, but I'm so sad and lonely and I don't want to date anyone. All the apps to meet anyone are about hooking up or romance. I don't have a car and I'm poor; i don't know how to meet and do stuff with anyone who lives in the surrounding cities. Help💔

I'm gonna retweet my Jeffrey =Jeans Geoffrey toot every week until it gets the RECOGNITION IT DESERVES

listen all i'm saying is that if there's like 7 different rock operas turning megaman into fash propaganda we should be able to make Les Miserables with Mario characters

It seems to me like whenever someone makes an observation that mentions favouriting a toot, they tend to get a lot of favourites. The same when you mention boosting a toot as well. Must put it in people's minds.

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Being able to schedule toots on mastalab is a godsend, cause instead of spamming the TL I can just fling my shitposts far, far into the future.

Draw more cartoon characters in streetwear please and thank you

To: My Digestive Tract
From: My Life The Past 24 Hours

My Dear Intestines,


With my deepest regrets,


Some toots you enthusiastically favourite, and some you scroll past, sigh, and scroll back up to shamefully hit that star.

My little sister called me gushing about a financial literacy class she had just taken, and i wanted to kind of laugh at it because it basically boiled down to "Save money and pay off your debts," but to be honest? Where I come from those are actually radical ideas.

"I wonder," said the robot, "do you think I am human?"
"You feed me, and stroke me, and you are warm to sit on," said the cat.
"Does that make me human?"
"No. But tell me, do you enjoy my company?"
"I do," said the robot.
"That is all I ask of any human," said the cat.

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