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Hey, if you ever need somebody to throw some Pure Fucking Nonsense™ onto your TL in the middle of all the discourse, I'm your guy

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Hello, I'm Altruest. I like beautiful things, and I think we live in a beautiful world. Friends are Good, as is art, food, dogs, and the moon. I like to be sad (but only sometimes), and I love being excited about things I know nothing about. I believe we can all get along, and I know that injecting a little bit of empathy into your life gets us closer to that goal.

I think you're beautiful, and valid, and welcome. Peace and love. ✌🏾

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Hello new people! 👋🏾

I'm Altruest, a current student getting my PhD in Neuroscience. On Mastodon I have a wide variety of interests, and you can find me talking about books, music, science, podcasts, videogames, or just trying to bring the world some positivity! Mastodon has honestly changed the way I think about social media, I hope you get everything out of it that I have!

(for M A X I M U M E N G A G E M E N T)

All I want to do tonight is lay awake in bed and listen to good music

An urban fantasy Chosen One story where your witch powers don't kick in on your 13th/16th/18th birthday, they manifest when you turn 38.

I've been looking for you. Got something I'm supposed to deliver - your hands only.

"You're cute."

Aw geez, I meant to mention it yesterday but it never came up. It feels like it's too late? But I might as well mention it anyway.

God, you're cute

We've all been talking behond your back (sorry) and we've decided.

You're so cute, omg

Just look in the mirror! How could you not know already?? You're super cute!


You're cute. No, trust me. I can tell.

Gonna delete in a bit but do I look like an asshole in this turtleneck? Be honest, I can't tell anymore

An urban fantasy Chosen One story where your witch powers don't kick in on your 13th/16th/18th birthday, they manifest when you turn 38.

Nothing like sleeping for 11 hours to make you realize how sleep-deprived you are on the reg

Oh, I guess I my eyesight could have just been divinely healed whilst I slept. That would be nice

"Gotta grab my contacts before I le-... Wait, can I see? I can see! Oops."

Man, realizing that I slept in my contacts 4 hours after waking up is trippy as hell.

manually changing the words my phone capitalises back to lowercase so i seem cool and mysterious on-line

That's one of the reasons it stuck with me, you don't very often see Zombie fiction with a spiritual catalyst instead of a medical one.

It was Adrian's Undead Diary, in case anybody was wondering! The author took the site down and turned it into a series, I recommend if you don't mind zombie fiction and (in the back half) religious undertones.

I seem to remember it was called like "John's zombie survival diary", but Google results are full of self-published ebooks and crappy apps

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