Be good to eachother!! It's not hard, just have empathy!

@Altruest my life philosophy is; act like everyone is caked in a thick layer of dust, and if you aggravate them, they will shake off all the dust and make a dusty mess. why would you want to be covered in dust? just stop aggravating dust

@Altruest In practice, marginalized people end up bearing the brunt of the responsibility of “being good to each other” and “having empathy.”

@Altruest Empathy is really hard for some people though. Good thing though: you don't need empathy to be good to each other. But describing it as "not hard" isn't right either.

@Altruest it is hard, in a sense. It takes deliberate effort. It’s not complicated. Like training for a half marathon. It’s simple but still difficult.

That's really not what empathy is or what it does. Empathy will make you want to wipe abusive people off the planet faster than any other force on earth.

I believe the word you're looking for is compassion, still some people do not deserve it, some people will only use it for evil selfish ends.

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