Does a straw have one hole or two holes?


@Altruest one hole with two ends, but if you dropped something through the hole, as it is a hole, it would come out the other side, such as holes do

@Altruest Maybe it has no holes at all? There isn't an inside for a straw, it's just a tube.

@Altruest Obviously two holes, one for the liquid to get into the straw and one for the liquid to evacuate the straw through the suction you produce.

@Altruest I saw this on Tumblr yesterday, lol.

There's one hole, for sure. If there's a paper with a hole in it, you'd say it is 1 hole, even though you can see the hole from 2 sides.

In fact, when you think about it, it is necessary for a hole to be visible from two sides. If a hole is visible only from one side, it's not a hole, it's a dent.

From this it follows that a straw is just one really long hole.

@Altruest Interestingly, there's an entire mathematical field around how many holes something has called Topology!

In this case, I believe it would be considered a Torus, and therefore 1 hole

@itsAffenmann one hole on the top, one hole on the bottom. Depends on if your definition of hole is just the opening or everything past that.

@Altruest yea I'm just kidding cuz I thought it was obvious there are two holes and what's between them is a tube :thinkhappy:

@Altruest Technically speaking, a straw is a deformed torus.
So... ONE HOLE ! \o/

@Altruest a straw of non-trivial length is a cylinder with two holes. "repair" one end and it's not a straw anymore. 🤔

@Altruest it's neither. It's more of a space-time continuum breaching wormhole. What you see as the straw is actually a distortion in reality made solid by its precision.

@Altruest Better question is a straw just a tall, thin doughnut?

@Altruest It has 2 holes.

If it had only one hole, you couldn't say that something is between both ends - it is either on one, or the other side of the hole.

straws though can have something in them - and it can exit through either one or the other hole.

So, 2 holes which are separated by an "inside".

@Altruest :tinking: my first instinct was to go with the "a straw is one long hole" camp, but wow, this is quite a discussion haha

@Altruest It depends on how you define "hole".

I could accept either definition.

@Altruest it's homeomorphic with a donut (and with a coffee cup) which both only have one hole

@Altruest homotopy equivalent to a circle, which definitely only has one hole. So I say 1.

@Altruest I agree with the topologists saying there's only one hole, but ultimately terminology is only relevant when it's commonly used, and people don't usually refer to the hole or holes of the straw, more likely to the ends of a straw, so I'm on team no holes
An unintentional perforation on the side of the straw's more likely to be called a hole than either of its ends

@Altruest Holes are merely an absence of material, and thus do not exist. A straw has no holes, because there is no such thing as a 'hole'.

@Altruest If I take a cylinder, I can turn it into a straw with one puncture, so one hole

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