We have this weird door/window thing that looks out onto the street and I am literally Javert waiting for this pizza to arrive

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When I open the last trash bag and put the empty trash bag box inside

Gonna delete in a bit but do I look like an asshole in this turtleneck? Be honest, I can't tell anymore

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commissioned from the amazing @keltbh@twitter.com!!! It's so warm and wonderful, I love it!

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One of my friends/favorite artists posted some lineart and challenged people to color them however they would like, so I thought I'd be artistic for once. Fun fact: I still find it hard to color inside the lines lol

Lineart by @keltbh@twitter.com

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"Hmm... What picture should we use to decorate our hotel..."
"....Bird Ass?"
"....Steven you're a genius."

(if that's problematic somebody tell me and I'll delete. I just saw this and got teary eyed)

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Oh! post plus my intro post = a lot of new followers!

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