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You Are Full Of Wonders

May have to go radio silent for a bit to finish this paper. I may check in infrequently, but I won't really be back until mid-May.

@edebill @minego 🤷🏾‍♂️ beats me lol Wikipedia has at least made a pretty strong stance.

@minego I thought it was a good song! And it's apparently almost universally hated lol

"We Built This City" by Starship, if you're curious (@minego)

Always great when you look up a new song you're really digging and realize it's topped multiple "Worst Songs of All Time" lists 😅

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@mcmoots it is edible, and I've made worse! I consider that a success!

Friday night cooking experiments🤘🏾

that thing where you don't follow someone, but you see them in the fed timeline and fav/boost their Good Toots, so they open your profile and do the same to your Good Toots

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@brennen my life has not been improved by knowing this information, so uuuuuh be happy?

This isn't even the real paper, it's just a literature review so I can WRITE the real paper 😰

Oh God, I just realized Word gives you total editing time on a document, and apparently I've been working on this paper for 64 hoursssssss

the true bread is the friends we made along the way