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@hirojin nah, I figured skiing would be a little easier lol maybe it would be a bit more intuitive? Idk

Anyway, I decided that skiing is not for me lol. I don't know why I thought I would enjoy an activity that combined snow and physical activity, my two greatest nemeses.

Disappointing things I learned today (alcohol mention) Show more

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Something that I always thought was funny was that in PS2 game manuals, every time they brought up memory cards, Sony seemed to insist they absolutely had to write it as "Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2)". Like that wasn't a ridiculous amount of text for such a simple thing.

@Olivia_DAHLING yesssssssss, and there are so many more tears to come. Adventure zone is literally the best narrative work I've ever experienced lol glad you're getting into it

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Name: Quinn
Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Class: Rogue
Gender: Whatever makes you gay for liking me

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I haven't tooted anything, but I keep updating my notifications...

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@paeneultima lol yeah, it was a pretty recent change. Made the app actually usable instead of having to port everything to another media manager

@paeneultima it does on the app, idk about desktop.

@bgcarlisle do you use tootdon? It automatically reads toots by default, you have to switch it off in the settings

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This was meant to be a sketch, but I couldn't stop working on it!

(the last half of the school day, not like, years
3-5 of my PhD)

Playing hooky from the last half of school to go skiing in Maine 😬

@Olivia_DAHLING @Rubbaduxx I also wholly recommend it. I've been using it on and off for years to treat my phone addiction lol

@Rubbaduxx ive been using forest for years! It's literally the only way I can get myself to focus sometimes.

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400 MHz tone, ten hours (EXPLICIT AND UNCENSORED)

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