I need a mini-freezer in my room so when I take off my pants and eat ice cream in bed I don't have to put them back on to put it away

Hmm, yes, once again I find that the McElroys (Griffin mostly) are my musical soulmates.

Idk why I don't prioritize working out in the morning when it literally makes my brain work better when I do 🙄

Aways wonderful waking up in the morning and realizing that pain in your neck is gonna be your whoooooole week

My roommate must have made Burnt Onions on Roasted Chili Peppers for dinner today because my whole house makes my eyes hurt

I'm actually wearing a color contrast today instead of my normal navy-on-gray-on-black, and it's so rare I feel like I look like a cartoon character lmao

We have this weird door/window thing that looks out onto the street and I am literally Javert waiting for this pizza to arrive

I also don't want to be limping for another 9 months lol 2016 was not a good year for foot health.

I really gotta get in the habit of buying new tennis shoes every 3 months or so. They wear out insanely quickly since I'm walking everywhere these days.

I have "pancakes" as the first thing on my to-do list, and if I don't check off any other box...!!!

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I put on the headphones and switched through the channels and my brain exploded with the possibilities

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Pics when I get off my butt and comb my hair lol

Ya boy got glasses for the first time in a while and these bad boys are a LOOK. Ya manz a hipster now

I get genuine joy when characters on tv/movies give each other hugs. Does that say something about me?

@MyQueerHeart I'm proud that even though I've started classes and teaching in my graduate program, I've still managed to keep up with the research I have to do in the background.

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