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More art suppliesssss (because I'm bad at shadows, and I like spending money on small things)

[approaching parked car and banging on window] excuse me. you have unused amazon prime membership benefits. Hello

#yarnuary I finally wove in the ends and blocked this thing and I’m in love with it all over again.

Becoming an adult means realizing that nobody in your family growing up knew how to open a damn cereal bag.

Mastonauts. Each and every one of you is wonderful and magical and you're all capable of amazing things.

Just remember that you're fantastic okay? Good night.

Important Announcement

!_!( )* is an entire bun

!_!( )* !_!( )* !_!( )* *( )!_! *( )!_! *( )!_!

The pre meal photograph is the millennials prayer. An intentioned moment of appreciation and reflection.

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