People act like it was an accident that colonists brought disease to native american populations. That shit was willful

a hot take on hindu nationalism by a commieโ„ข jk it's actually really sad and depressing to think about but read it i spent like 3 hours on it

#SelfCare check-in!

๐Ÿคธ check your posture
โ˜บ relax your jaw
๐Ÿ’ƒ get up from your desk
๐Ÿต drink some water/tea
๐Ÿž go outside or open a window
๐Ÿˆ pet an animal/look at cute animals photos or video

Take care, my tooters!

I don't even call it violence when it's in self defense; I call it intelligence.
--- Malcolm X

Neoliberalism teaches us that what matters are individual acts. So, when we learn about Rosa Parks, we learn of one woman's spontaneous activism, not that she went to activist training and learned that a strategy existed that needed an unmarried black woman of her age and that people had been working towards the bus boycott & lawsuit for years.

Movements are devalued because they work. We are trained to see ourselves as consumer markets and individuals because that works for owners, not for us.

Okay, on birdsite NPR tweeted (in fun-sized segments) the Declaration of Independence.



reminder to never ignore and exclude butch, masculine and gnc women from your activism and feminism.

Listen, American and European education is crap. Education in any place ashamed of their history and intent on upholding the status quo is crap. Whitewashed education is crap.
Colonizing imperialists need to have their shameful histories and presents shoved in their faces.

Okay guys listen up: loving someone isn't a pass for them to abuse you. Loving someone isn't a pass for them to take advantage of you.
You don't have to be "patient" or "kind" or "forgiving." In fact, when it comes to abuse you're not being either of those things. Stop praising ppl for being "patient" w/ their abusers. Toxic ppl don't deserve space in your life.

you know why sirens drowned men? because the sea is better than our justice system

say what u will about stans but its a hell of a lot more fun to be a stan account than a "social justice" account lol. s/ts social justice is exhausting and repetitive. when ur bombarded with bad news u lose hope not just for the world, but sometimes for yourself. u feel guilty about not being able to change anything. i'd rather rant about my fav character/ship then about sexism bc few really care about sexism & its like screaming into a void.

no fascist government will ever answer to peaceful protests ๐Ÿ—ฃ ๐Ÿ—ฃ

it happens again and again: integrationists (along with the "war on drugs") flatlined the black liberation movement, yt gays inviting cops to pride (originally a protest against cops) and straights inviting themselves to pride, etc. and it will continue to happen until marginalized people put their foot down and give up the temptation to coddle the powerful in the name "love" and inclusion.

once we go soft & allow anyone to call themselves lgbt, the movement for liberation will flatline. privilege ppl placate the marginalized by gracing us with their presence (inviting themselves to the "cookout", calling themselves queer) and we're all dancing and singing and kumbaya-ing and no change has happened! then the privileged go back to their gated communities and throw the unsuspecting marginalized to the fascist wolves who were waitin for the marginalized to soften their defences

feel like society hasn't changed much its just that now people have this "can't beat em? join em." mentality. can't completely erase black people? tan to be as dark as them, use makeup as blackface, say the n word and stan black celebs. can't completely erase lgbtq people? co opt one of the lgbt identities to perform queerness online, while being perfectly cisheteronormative irl. & the reason i'm so harsh about it is bc its just as insidious as the integration yt orgs pushed for in the 60s

may the amerikkkan empire fall under a socialist revolution

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