Thanks for testing and reporting back! I fear that without a bucket load of money it will be hard to set up reliable infra..I wish there was a decentralized effort I could help crowdfund.

Sure, it would be awesome to have designers imho. I am not a designer at all and UX work is not where we are good. There is a lot of new design challenges here.

However, I don't think we need crowfund/money. If somebody want to give money, please help other projects/people/stuff. There is a lot of people who needs support and love outside.



@strypey Note that we do have servers. No servers needed != no servers at all. There is TURN/STUN servers to pass through the NAT, Nameservers to register usernames, dhtproxy to help mobiles, bootstraps to give an entrypoint to the network. Everything is optional, but can help



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