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Swati Goel Sharma (Savarna) will share her experience on Dalit Feminist Intervention and crimes against Dalit women.

We do not sacrifice people and their rights in the name of our representation.

Sanitation workers are dying because government cannot provide them mask and suits but let Indian Prime Minister trend fancy hashtag and earn some money by promoting his app.

Celebration of on the dead bodies of our sanitation workers.

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@h_tejas Have you gone through the website of Jio university? They have blamed caste based reservation to be the reason that no Indian university is within top 100. Is not this a caste based aspersion? Is it possible to lodge an FIR against Jio university? Here is the link jio.university/

Women from manual scavanger community are selling things they made theirself & its for making the women of this community empowered.

An initiative by women from Kashmir & Delhi's Manual Scavenging Community.

Please do come and support the movement.

Stall-115 at Delhi Haat INA.

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As promised, mastodon.social code of conduct has been updated to add "casteism and advocation of casteism" to the list of explicitly prohibited offenses

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Suggestion to the Muslims. Wait for the Ram Mandir to be completed, then make an even taller Ambedkar statue than the Mandir, with his hand pointing down at it.

A fitting tribute and an everlasting insult to the religion of Savarnas.

A woman and her husband were stoned to death by the brothers of the woman as they were from different communities.

This fake supremacy of caste is killing our people on daily basis but let’s talk about reservation and merit.


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Say No to Hindu Terrorism, Say No to Fascism...

Just Say No to Twitter!

We need an allliance of oppressed of all the societies and need to unite together. Oppressed belonging to any Religion, Caste, Sexuality of the LGBT people and Transgender people. A social moment for economic justice, social justice. There are civil societies which are actually working but we need to unite for each other. We need to talk each other about our experiences. Oppressed are from different religion and caste but Oppressors are same. Unite and fight back.

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This moment is a victory of Bahujan activists. They put forward their concerns about Twitter eloquently, forced the tech giant to respond, and also acted as catalysts in people joining Mastodon.


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