One more institutional murder at IIT Madras. Fathima Lathif, an undergraduate student in humanities and social science department committed suicide facing religious and caste discrimination from IIT faculty Sudarshan Padmanabhan, as per her suicide note. IIT Madras is a Brahminical Agrahara which makes the lives of students from minority community perishable in all ways. It is sixth suicide on the campus within two years.

@AmbedkariteIND Am noticing slow seepage of hindu nationalists here at @Mastodon as well. It was inevitable. Funny, they are reporting to @Gargron to *ban* our accounts as we apparently are *hinduphobes*. This is an effort to make them read this post. is a deep rooted disease here. Just that, the have fanned the existence of these closet casteist scums.

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