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While I prefer original hardware, there's something very satisfying about running your entire computing childhood on a single 4 desktop.

Might And Magic night every Saturday on twitch. Sigurbjornl continues the epic series , beginning Worlds of Xeen - live NOW

Live now - MeanMachineDean is running a charity stream to help raise money for Autistica
, A UK charity who specialise in Autism Research.

Twitch banned Revision-2021 in the middle of the PC 64k event. Thanks to Chaos Computer Club, the show goes on.

Revisiting Phantasy Star , one of my favourite games of all time with the new SMSpower 2.1 patch. FM sound, retranslation from Japanese, and quality of life improvements including less random battles and increased xp/money. Amazing way to return to the game.

Nox Archaist , a 2020 RPG for the 8bit Apple 2 is now available on Steam and GOG

AmigaLive is software to play classic multiplayer games via netplay. Their Twitch channel is a great place to hang out, with friendly regulars streaming their favourite games.

Catching up on Some of the best and streams/podcasts on the net this weekend. Amigos Retro Gaming on LBRY

Saturday night is Might And Magic night , by New world computing. Drop into Sigurbjorn's stream for some spooky spider filled caverns. live now!

WHDload. The Hard Disk installers software has been updated to 18.6 today

Amiga Users!
AmiWest 2020 is streaming today. Now in its 23rd year, today's event will be entirely online.

Speakers include key members of Amiga history, including David Pleasance, Francois Lionet, Trevor Dickinson; Also modern stream and video producers Bill Winters (AmigaBill) and Doug Compton (10Marc) along with many more.

Check the Schedule and broadcast links at :

One of my favourite things about switching to mastodon is the lightweight, ad and spyware free Android client @Tusky . So nice to have a social media app on my phone without my battery draining , or worrying about data collection.

Time to watch some classic DungeonMaster by FTL , being longplay streamed weekly on Retro Hangout

Great to see PixelGaiden showing a BMC64 build, a bare metal emulator for running on @duhproject

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Friendly reminder: "X as a service" is just a misleading corporate euphemism for "pay forever for not owning it".

"Software as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning the software".

"Games as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning games".

"Infrastructure as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning the hardware".

And so on.

There is no "cloud", it's just other people's computers

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More BBSing on the Pinebook Pro using Syncterm under Manjaro Linux. This time in ANSI.

I usually use my real retrocomputers to make the rounds, but this works really well if I'm on the go or in a hurry.

#pinebookpro #ansi #bbsing

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Here's another great #Amiga game I had totally overlooked: Apidya.

It looks like a good arcade conversion of some Japanese horizontal shoot 'em up reminiscent of R-Type, but it's actually an original Amiga game by a German game studio called Kaiko, perhaps better known for the Amiga version of Turrican 3.

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