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While I prefer original hardware, there's something very satisfying about running your entire computing childhood on a single 4 desktop.

Low tides, winds and good lighting made for a rather lovely evening walk yesterday.

I'm suffering for it today though 😆

Chilled Saturday night at the arcade?

This is my Picade, running a 3b+ , sanwa controls and a 4:3 1024/768 screen. Outrun arcade on Cannonball libretro

The 4 stable bootloader has been updated with full network-install support.

Ensure you are up to date with "sudo rpi-eeprom-update"

Boot your Pi with an ethernet cable and blank sd attached, and it will allow you to choose, download and install an image.

No more burning images from a PC.

Easy stuff for me , i worked in tech for 20 years. But 2 issues.

1. Its a barrier to entry to non-tech folk

2. I dont want to! Why cant I have an "upgrade partial-keep instance running- do tech stuff later", and "upgrade all auto, may take a while" button

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In this case its : The database is missing some indexes. Due to the fact that adding indexes on big tables could take some time they were not added automatically. By running "occ db:add-missing-indices" those missing indexes could be added manually while the instance keeps running.

Ok fine. i can do that, let me just enable SSH, go in manually. find the directory OCC is in, find where plesk is located on my Vhost.

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I also have some other games in unusual cases, and absolute treasures on my favourites shelf. Including
Manic Miner
Lords of Midnight
The hobbit
Julian Gollop games including Chaos, Rebelstar etc

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Lots of posts on my feed today, so here is a pic of my original games I kept from the 80s.

I'm waiting on an Issue 2
so hope to rediscover all these games when it arrives.

At some point I will do a thread on my favorites.

Tut is currently my favourite CLI mastodon app I've tried on the Raspberry Pi 4.

Lowest memory usage as well, averaging around 20mb

Thanks to @kelbot for the suggestion.

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Whenever possible I use low powered devices for computing.

I've been testing ways to enjoy Mastodon on a 4 running the 64bit OS.

Shown is Toot (cli) and Tootle alongside a browser. both are available in the apt repositories.

Memory usage:

tootle - 82 MB
Firefox-esr 468 MB
toot - 45 MB

If there are others worth trying I'd appreciate recommendations.

Mastodon Advice needed please.

I'm attempting to filter cross-posted Retweets from my home feed.

format of most seems to be.
In some cases its

is there a way to wildcard the "username" bit in the filters?

Yandex Retro Games Battle competition 2021 begins. This year its multiplatform! For . Previous years entries for spectrum have been very impressive - with games from Retrosouls and Zosya

Previous years entries (scroll down for games and info in english)

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