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And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame?Well, certainly, there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told, if ...

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Demonetisation is fundamentally an act of economic terrorism, आर्थिक आतंकवाद.

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Can Harish Salve just focus on his practice in the UK and stop trying to ruin the dregs of democracy we have left here?

Update: Progress has been glacial. We are now only at 4 committed revolutionaries, and have a modest target of 40 by Constitution Day.

Join in, if you can.

BTW, why do you think Indians don't invest in ideas, but (generously) open their wallets for people : BabajiKaDhaba, disaster-struck, Saajhe Sapne etc, ?

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Update: We've revised the minimum commitment to be Rs. 100 and are doing a campaign to save EPW.

30K people * Rs.100+ == Rs. 30 lakhs + .

More than the money raised, funding is an act of resistance against fascism, however small and feeble it might be.

And within that act, we are free.

A free people, a free nation.

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Small update : our initiative is now on Twitter ; our first target is to raise 1500 committed contributors for each of the participating media orgs (Wire, Scroll, AltNews).

Follow our handle to receive a message on how you can contribute, & spread the word :

@DrNikhil_P_B @abj @varkychen @pratiks @omairahmad @DilliDurAst @Memeghnad @imMAK02 @ikaveri @IrenaAkbar @rupagulab @sanjayuvacha @SidrahDP @nikhil_thatte @Deepsealioness

A few friends and I got together for the to help land the victory for AAP .

Anyone joining us for Bihar elections?

Donate to ANY party.

Formal statement here:

@sanjayuvacha Sir,

I have a question on the Ayodhya verdict.

Would you explain if there’s a good legal reason why SC didn’t order a trust to be constituted for Babri Masjid reconstruction, as for Ram Mandir?

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Who from INC is the leader/person leading the public-funding efforts?

As part of , I had got some of my friends to fund INC, and wanted to mark this to the right INC leader , so as to help this gain awareness/traction.


What is common in all the four photographs?

Smriti Irani: Modi

No, its Modi with rapists.


And so the passes with 124 votes in favour and 102 against.
Find out who these 102 are and which parties they belong to. Then vote them to power in both state and polls

I, Rupa Gulab, refuse to submit the requisite documents needed to prove my citizenship. I will follow the path of satyagraha to stand along with my fellow citizens rather than be a mute spectator to this blatant bigotry & disenfranchisement.

Thank you to all those who followed me here, or came along out of curiosity. Am still figuring out the system and may a little less frequently in the beginning, but hope to improve as time goes on. May create a instance as I grow in confidence

With Dec'19, completed 5 years of monthly donations to AAP.

Missed 2 months due to flood donations to TN & Kerala, but made up elsewhere.

Hope AAP helps build a nation that works for all of us, starting with Delhi.

Have you taken the yet?

Jeremy Corbyn's chances are going up.

Don't believe me ?! See this video and decide for yourself.

When dealing with rape cases, it's become a simple equation now.
If the accused is an inconsequential person, kill him.

If he is a BJP leader, kill the victim.

Why act shocked when Saina Nehwal praises Hyderabad police...?! Its only shocking when movie stars or sportspersons actually show some spine & call out those in power for their wrongdoings.


In Ryan International murder case, Bus Conductor was arrested. Public wanted instant justice. Lawyers refused to take his case. Later turned out he was innocent. Cops had tortured him to confess. Thankfully he wasnt shot in encounter before and case closed with people cheering


By the time Supreme Court begins to hear the stay against #ElectoralBonds another tranche of bonds would have been sold in January 2020. Just reminding.

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Dear Friends @Mastodon @Mastodon, I have almost quit my presence on Twitter, and would like to use Mastodon to express my views.
Request, if you start more and more topics engagement on mastodon.

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