Similar to Twitterati on Twitter, what should folks on Mastodon should be collectively called :

This is admittedly frivolous, but the current standings are a bit like politics in India : the majority who don't bother to form an opinion, vote etc., are going to be ruled by those who do.

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The community-name poll is over, and the winner is...


Just kidding ; the winner is "Tuskies" . However, it has since emerged that there were a couple of existing terms for the community, like "Mastonaut" and "Fedizen", so I've asked admins to clarify as appropriate here:

@Deepsealioness @jamewils @dearthofsid @prasanna_s @AdvManoj @sanjayuvacha @Memeghnad @ranjona @ranasafvi

@Gargron @stux

Would you please weigh-in here? Is there a well-accepted word for the collective community here on Mastodon? Like Twitterati on Twitter?

Hello @Gargron @stux ,

At the time I launched this poll, I wasn't quite aware of existing terms for the community, like "Mastonauts" or "Fedizens".

IMHO, I think newer members like me should defer to the established terms, especially to minimize confusion and integrate better.

I think the poll itself may have been biased, since neither of the above two options were primary choices.

So, do consider ruling on this, or running another poll with the above two + winner here : Tuskies.


Mitron, eh?

I think enough people have been traumatized by the winner of the "Shortest Scary Story Ever" ; let's spare them here.

@CZubair @AmitRamesan seems to evoke of another story, race, culture. Maybe something better ;)

@AmitRamesan Comrades

It's a democratic decentralised worker owned worker controlled collective separate from the market. So the choice is obvious :D

@AmitRamesan Also you have a V mask and anarchists, ancoms, libcoms, and socialists call each other comrades

@AmitRamesan I like Tuskies!

Mastodonians is a bit long long but a possible alternative.

@AmitRamesan folks on mastodon are part of the Fediverse, so we call them fedizens.


That's true for only Asian elephants. African Tuskers are female as well.

@bull500 @stux

@Mayana pointed out that the this site refers to "Mastonauts"

Wasn't quite sure how "official"/wide-spread this usage was, so decided to run it by you.

I like "Mastonauts" too 🙂

@AmitRamesan I remember it used to be "Tweeps". Not sure when it became Twitterati

@AmitRamesan Of course, 'toosky' is also a vernacular word that signifies a nether form of expression, usually hot air😂

@AmitRamesan According to, they should be called Mastonauts. And I agree with them; sounds better than any of the options in the poll, imo.
The problem with Tuskers and Tuskies is that they both seem to refer to the app tusky. Now, 'm not saying it is a bad app -- it isn't -- but it is just one of many ways of accessing Mastodon.
Mastadonians or Tooters could work, but the community has already decided on a good nickname, let's respect that.

@aladar @AmitRamesan Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't know that. Interesting fact, thank you.
But that means that Tusky can already mean two things. So that seems like yet another reason not to use Tuskies; it could cause confusion.
Besides, Mastonauts sounds cool as hell. It's like astronauts, but better! And it fits well from Fediverse (fedi universe).

How about a name more inclusive of the entire Fediverse. As suck, I propose Fedi users be called Feds.

@AmitRamesan mastonauts is the right name
This is a social enterprise platform something like outer space within our polluted living environment

@AmitRamesan I guess people on #Mastodon are called #Mastonauts 😇 since the #fediverse (federated universe) and stuff?


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